Running Blind...

Can't find the answers
I've been crawling on my knees
Looking for anything
To keep me from drowning
Promises have been turned to lies
Can't even be honest inside
Now I'm running backward
Watching my life wave me goodbye

Running blind
I'm running blind
Somebody help me see I'm running blind

Searching for nothing
Wondering if I'll change
I'm trying everything
But everything still stays the same
I thought if I showed you I could fly
Wouldn't need anyone by my side
Now I'm running backward
With broken wings I know I'll die

Running blind
I'm running blind
Somebody help me see I'm running blind

Song by Godsmack

Am I desp?
I will be lying if I said no...
I don't care about myself...but wondering what's in store for the two poor souls who trust and believe me fanatically.
Was IRMA a last straw?
Probably yes...For a smoother road to life it was my last shot.
I could sense this coming...just had that wind of rejection hitting me today which left me morose through the day.
Not much to say now.
The beliefs I had instilled myself with are now shaken from their foundations. When you build a big palace and the foundation starts sinking everything turns to rubbles.
Bracing my self for cleaning up those rubbles.


danya said...

naru da...i know u ll b desp...but da regain ur courage...the courage to face anythng...its u who is always a motivation for me to b bold...somthng better is waiting for u da..atlst consider urself lukcy among 2 guys int eh coll to attend mba interview...

പാപ്പാന്‍‌/mahout said...

Pull yourself up, man. It never is as bad as you think... Trust me on this.
(BTW, are you from CET/CS&E?)

Anonymous said...


Neetika said...

Lovely poem
I wonder how could you write this
You can't write like this...
I am sure you have borrowed it from somewhere.....right
But i must tell you i'll always be there with you...whenever you would be in need
take care

Arti Honrao said...

Hey C'mon... IRMA was not the last straw :|
I can understand the feeling of dejection u r going thru now, but u need to stand up straight and keep eyes open for the opportunities that lie ahead...
Trust me, I know u hv a bright future

Cheer up and hold ur head straight on ur shoulders

God Bless You

Unknown said...

@danya: A reversal of roles!!!
I was educating you the other night and now you got the chance!
Nowadays god has a computer instaled I think. Speedy Delivery! :P

@mahout: Thanks for ur words! I think it will work out for the best!

@divya: *hug back* thanks!

@neetika: Thanks! And this is song by Godsmack and not by me. But i can write better ones :P

@arti: *smiles bright* As bright as this? :P

Unknown said...

@mahout: I am from CET with an extra M!
Mohandas College of Engg and Tech and Iam in CSE.

another illusion said...

dont ever give up hope!

Praveen said...

hey rockus....
be optimistic yaar....IRMA poyaaal enthaaa....for a guy like you nothing's impossiblee....
am sure u'll go placess...

Unknown said...

@illusion: Hopes and dreams are driving what i dont really know...

@praveen : thanks man! i sure wish i would go some places!

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