Seasons change...Do we?

Photo taken in some cathedral in Goa. September 2005.

God! Time does fly fucking fast! Can't believe its been 4 years since this snap been taken!

We are going back to Goa. Friday through Sunday, days hopefully filled with fun and frolic. 2 dudes in the picture won't make it, several others will. I think its pretty commendable that we are still very good friends after leaving the college and being in different cities/companies.

All of us have changed in some way or the other over the years. Some subtle changes, some not so subtle. I always think of a group of friends as chain. Each of us may not be the closest confidant of every other person. But each one is a closest confidant of somebody who is the closest confidant of another. Confusing? Relationships always are. Except may be the blood related ones.

Years back, we had very few baggages to carry. We were more free in speech and actions. The years have added many baggages and I doubt each of us are completely at ease as before. This happens over time. In some cases, sooner than later. College kids and recent passouts would scoff at this though perhaps. But as someone who has been there and done that, I can place a healthy wager on this.

To quote a wonderful movie, Ritu: Seasons change...Do we?

P.S: I completed one successful year in Bangalore! Yay for me! Cheers to my suffering roomies as well!