Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

A nice and bloody hectic evening at work. Out of the blue, Gmail window is buzzing. Unexpected, since I don't really chat anymore and invisible most of the time.

xxx: Congrats!
yt (yours truly): Thanks! :) Didnt expect this! Such an unexpected honour!
(To be frank yours truly was beating around the bush, since he didnt get a clue on who this chick was!)
xxx: :)
yt: :)
(Starts recollecting the generic name holder girls from school and finally throws a stone just to be sure)
yt: howz the little one doing?
xxx: Great! He started walking!
yt: Cool!
(Finally! This is her afterall!)
yt: You have a fairly normal gmail id, then why from this? I had a hard time figuring out!
xxx: Chumma! (simply)
yt: btw what was the congrats for? :D
xxx: :O For the marriage!
yt: :O :O :O
yt: The only marriage I am remotely associated with in the short-medium term is my roomie's.
xxx: Then what about the blog?
yt: Blog?
xxx: Your post today! You have written that your mom said that you would marry in 2010!
yt: That! Look at the time stamp! Nearly 3 AM!
xxx: 1.50 AM :P
yt: Yeah yeah...all are maths and you know I suck in maths.
xxx: So?
yt: Blog posts generally tend to have facts and fiction combined together. Particularly mine when I am narrating incidents!
xxx: So its a lie?
yt: Not exactly! My mother did threaten. And for the record she said 2009 in 2008. :P
xxx: Hmmph!
yt: :-P
yt: I am a long distance runner! Destined to be lonely! :-(
xxx: Right! :P

Man! I should put a disclaimer on the blog posts!

For your aural pleasure, I present Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner by Iron Maiden. (aural since there is no video per se in this youtube clip!)

P.S: The song based on the story of the same name.
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