Disposable blahs

The last post was number 490 according to Blogger. 4+9+0=13! The bloody number strikes again for me! My dislike for 13 (rather the vice versa) is well documented and I refuse to elaborate!

The sentimental post I did couple of days back on going to Goa. Read it? Well...the trip didn't happen! It would be fair to say it almost happened! Nearly a 100 KM away from Goa, mother nature decided to intervene and shut us down for good!

We were stuck in some god forsaken place. Lucky for us, the halt was made near a drive-in restaurant and food was plenty! But being stuck in a bus for a whole day ain't fun, especially if its pelting dogs, cats, and a few other animals! To cut a sorry story short, we reached back in Bangalore on Satuday morning instead of Goa on Friday morning, after starting from Bangalore on Thursday night!

We drowned our sorrows in Friday night. I have this allergic reaction which has forced me to abandon my hell-bent-for-leather attitude to drowning sorrows, so I am still pretty morose. Bah!

Going to make some green tea to drown my sorrows! Ciao!

P.S: To the three idiots who made it to Goa without us: Goa ain't same without us! You better come when we go the next time!

At first, we were like...

Then we were like...