Tales of Kattabuji

Title may ring a bell with my loyal readers. I have expounded upon the adventures of the odd-named people long back. Then the following used to be the staple elements of my blog.
In no order whatsoever: (as it comes in yours truly's mind)

Kattabuji, Hogan, Archie, Palmer, Gentlemanyan, Odie, Garfield, Kobra, Neo, Thirupaachi, Rashtriyakaran, Gaanagandharvan, Nine-and-a-half, Ellan etc.

Its been a really long time and I might have missed a few. Those of you who remember please do inform me! :-D

Anyhoo, this was our gang (plus the girls not listed here) and we did a lot of stuff together. Names have been intentionally modified (duh!) to protect anonymity! These names reflect the personal and/or physical traits and in some cases the real names!

For now, lets come back to our title. We will focus entirely on Kattabuji for this post!

First adventure Garfield and Kattabuji had was a trip to CET to attend a students conference. First months of first year and with new aspirations they went. There were around 10-12 people from our college to attend the event.

Apart from gaping at Chaala and ending up having a small get together in Ambrosia around the closing time, nothing significant happened.

Oh yeah! they didn't win anything!

But the best was yet to come!

I was planning to write all the stuff here. But when I started out, it got really long and I guess I have to go the episodic route!

In the meanwhile, get acquainted with some of the older stuff :-)
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naveen said...

:-) Nice one. Fealt really good after reading... Especially the " Ningalude kudumbathinu maanam undo??" Part..

kartoos said...

cool template..wer did u get it from?

Unknown said...

From here :-)


Unknown said...

I miss Pappu. :P
(Why's he not in the list? :-w)

And, I love this post!
Most Romantic Proposal Ever!

Unknown said...

Pappu is his real (almost real!) name! :-P

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