New Year!

Yet another year has come and gone. All these passing years just mean that I am getting older! That is not something I really appreciate! :-D When I was a kid, I always wished there was some sort of time machine. I just wanted to be a really small child away from the school, but old enough to remember everything. As I grew older, the desire for time machine really came on strongly. Mainly because I wanted to correct the stupid things I did like not studying for certain exams or to stop myself from saying/doing some idiotic stuff.

Later on, I became bolder and had a new optimistic outlook. Whatever deep shit I drag myself into, I will be able to escape. May be its that belief that got me out of a lot of nose deep in crap situations. The desire for time machine has not entirely vanished, but lets say when I think about it, it makes me think a lot. The impact of such a thing on the entire world. The impact on the lives of billions of people, animals, plants, and the like! A banquet for my ever thinking brain. :-D

What did last year give me? A few successes, some disappointments, some heartache...Well, this is life!

What are the expectations this year? A lot of ambitious stuff I must say. One of them is learning a new language. I am still confused whether to learn Chinese or Japanese! Jap means understanding the Kurasawa movies and Studio Ghibli movies I have natively. Also the hentai movies I sort of have a liking ;-) (If you don't know Hentai, do a search in Wikipedia!) Chinese means...well kungfu movies!

Several other ideas as well. Hope they all lead to fruition!

Heres wishing a happy and prosperous 2008 for you and me. :-)


Gorilla Bananas said...

But if you go back in time, would your younger self listen to you? Best wishes for the new year.

Alameen said...

Nice to meet someone of same thoughts... Well, add German also to the list before taking a decision. And well let me know the decision..

All the best buddy..

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