Beach Boys

As usual I was wasting my time away in the evening. Getting ready to watch WWE and catch some sleep. Then my friends came home and asked whether I wanted to come to Karikkakam Temple. A trip to beach afterwards was also in the offing. I accepted gladly. Any change from the regular routine is always welcome.
So the four of us started out. First to the temple. Its fairly big one and I love it.
Lot of trees...Lot of sand to play with...(Some of the temple officials were staring rather crossly at me while I was idly playing with had to cut that out! Boooo!)
The nearby Naagar kaavu (Temple of the godly snakes) had a great atmosphere.
Then we went to the beach. The beach road is fabulous thanks to Punj Lloyd. Strolled around the beach which was a little busy as usual. None of us felt any urge to play with water. Then had a tea and snacks.

Memories flooded back to me...some bleak...some powerful...
I have come to the beach just a couple of times (or was it once?) with my parents when I was a kid. Always wanted to...But Dad and Mom being busy meant outings were very scarce.
But my trips otherwise were frequent with my cousin, uncle and aunt. But I don't think there is any speciality associated with those visits. May be climbing the Star Fish Hotel (a few more than that..I was an obedient kid and was scared!) or the cycle park comes to mind now.

In college it was different. Been here a few times with friends. Almost all visits have some speciality on its own. I think I would post those visits, non beach stuff we did...both crazy and sane over a period of time...

In other news, I got my first job...Very happy at that...Now waiting for the offer letter to come to my inbox. Looong wait...won't come atleast till 10 tomorrow morning! :D

ciao for now people


Praveen said...

congratss 4 ur jobbb......
treat undeyyyyyyy

naveen said...

I 2 am missing those days!!! kakka told tht he saw u ppl ter!!

-Poison- said...

congrats rock!
which co are ye in? n which city?

another illusion said...

congrats for the job!

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