Correlating the regression-1

1. Joseph Stalin.
Fat and Cruel. I have got traits of torture in me. Ask Jackie and Rajeev if you don't believe. :D'

Last day of Stalins life...
I see everything...I see the red star...I see Nikita(Khruschev :P not a lady!)...

JS: Nikita? What brings you here?
NK: Your time is up old man! I am going to kill you. You Perdoon Stary!
JS: Guards! Where are those Zasranees's ?
NK: Haha! Scream all you want. There are none of your Balvan's here!
JS: Zaebis! You will rot in hell for this you Pidar!
NK: Hooy na ny!
We are Communists...There is no hell!
JS: I am in Pizdets!

A shot echos in my head as I wake up! :-P

If you didnt understand some words probably you are not Russian! :P
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First I had given Insult Monger link which I felt was too offensive. So this is page published in my oen google pages.

Disclaimer: A total figment of my imagination (What did ya think punk?) So don't come running behind if you are anti commie. Then I should be running behind myself...Now that would be theosophical question. Frantic, anybody?


Panackal said...

Aliya, wht was dis post all abt? Enikku oru m#$%$*% manasilayilla!!!

Unknown said...

I guess this is one shot at a PJ (chalu) gone way offtarget...sorry:-D

Morals of the day: Don't over post! Write so that people can understand!
Some things are better left unposted!

Praveen said...

hey me too din't understand wat u actually meant....

well, here r the links 4 the hilites of the gr8est ODI game in cricket

Aus World recard of 433 Inngs Best shots



Unknown said...

@praveen: Just look at the date dude... March 13 :-O no wonder I posted such a nonsense!

ANd thanks a bunch for those links!!!
Thank u so much with a cherry on top!
The stuff hasnt reached torrent land as of yet!

another illusion said...

am in the list of "non-understanders" too!

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