Comrades! Its time to kick some (old) whooped ass!

Lots of stuff happening in Kerala today, the Marxist strongman and opposition leader VS Achuthanandan has been kicked on the butt.
"No seat for you", says the Marxist bourgeois. The man who kept the Party in the limelight for the past five years is being rejected. I say "the Party" because there is only a "the Party" in Kerala , CPI (M), complete with the brackets!

No, I am not a Marxist or a Communist. Though the cadre around our place believes I am one! And that is a good thing because I live in a party stronghold. The misconception would be probably because I wear a Che Gueverra tees and usually stays away from my father's political escapades. (Not due to any disagreement, though I don't agree with him in many cases, but due to embarrassment! :P)
In short words, I am a saffron dude who believes in corporate and cooperates and FDI but against communalism.
Against communalism and saffron? Lets say I am for universal civil code and against pseudo secularism. That justifies my right libertarian pro saffron stand.
Enough blah about me.

What did VS do to get rejected? Not because he is antidevelopmental and all. (He is antidevelopmental. No question about that.) Because he is against a crop of Mafias in the party. Sand, Sandal and Sex Mafias. Obviously marxists have learnt to trade and the comrades up the ladder wants some booty. VS would probably stand against that.

But lets rewind. What about VS himself engineering the ouster of many from the party. MV Raghavan, Gowri Amma, C Kannan,O Bharathan, Angelos...the list moves on...
And now the question is: :"What does rejection feels like?"
But the repurcussions may force a mediation from the Polit Bureau and VS may be back. But I hope he does not and I hope the Marxists lose!