Today was a day of inspirations(?).
Our 'beloved' Prinicipal Dr.Ashalatha Thampuran had called a meeting of organising commitee of Illuminati-05. She gave a really inspiring talk about responsibility and stuff like that. Since it was targeted more towards the juniors we were just fooling around like idiots. Anyways the talk was so inspiring that I couldnt get my lunch box from the class.

Had a lunch with Nitin. Two meals for the price of one!(hihihi!)

The good stuff had just started. Passed for the Artificial Intelligence paper! Really astonishing after the kinda stuff that our sir had to say about our class.

Then the downside came: no Counterstrike for Illuminati. Prabi said no chance that its going to play well on our network. He said he wanted Age of Empires :(.

Then the wonderful news came: Nitin has landed a job in iGate. He has been a very good friend of mine for a while now and I am extremely happy for him. Anusha also got selected, kudos to her too.

Then I saw a good interview with T.N.Seshan, the former Chief Election Commissioner on Amrita T.V with Rohini.A really good one.

A little while earlier I happened to read several blogs by my peers and was inspired by it to blog more.
What to do I have lots to say, but I am kinda tired after this blog and I want to blog in our Fellowship of Computer Science blog. I am the administrator but I have'nt blogged any god blogs yet other than a couple of songs and 'Guys do this... do that' etc.


C you soon!

and check out our blog

and the site for Illuminati-05