The Big Dog's Dawg

Recently a dog has come to our place. A mongrel.
A white, fairly emaciated creature. Not very clean I have to add.
I am afraid of dogs and have been since I was a child. So I avoided it at all costs.
On the contrary my Father is quite fond of dogs and had been deterred by my mother not to get one since she hated dogs.
Back to our story.

Once, I went out in the night to a shop nearby. When I came back I found the dog inside and me outside. I screamed for my mother and my parents came out. The dog couldnt go out. (I closed the gates) and it waited by the gate wagging its tail.
I climbed the wall thinking I could walk along the wall and jump down safely. The dog started to climb from the other side. I was dead stuck. I was wearing a lungi and nothing underneath. Now I know how the American Pie guy felt in the movie. To cut a long and boring story short, my parents took charge and shielded me safely inside.

Then on the dog was a terror for me. I couldnt peacefully exit and enter my house.
On my birthday it came to the house and my father gave it payasum and it lapped it up completely. I started to soften towards it. Later days, the dog came inside the compound and started hugging my leg like a child. I became ice but recovered and dragged it outside.
Then on my fear for the dog came down and my father started becoming hostile to it. Inverse Relationship I guess. Thence I started feeding the dog whenever I get the chance.
Now it never leaves our gate and salutes anyone entering the house.
Now, Thats a good Dawg!