Google Talk is here!

At last! An IM from Google!
I have been anticipating such a step from Google for a long time now.
The IM is called Google Talk! and is very inituitive little piece of software.
Very light weight at just 900K when compared to 10's of MB taken by others.
But it has to be said the feature wise the product is simply spartan.
No emoticons :(( or even offline messages or conferences!!! Thats too bad.
We simply have a blast in Yahoo with the conference and lot of emoticons are throwb around.
Well, the software us beta so we can hope for more feature addition soon enough.
Google needs no course on innovation!
The voice chat is present though and seems to be much better than Yahoo in terms of quality. Me and Rajeev tried it. Unfortunately my mic was not working, but I could hear him clearly and he was using a dial-up connection.
Here is screenshot of a chat between me and Panackal.
I think the software can do with a lot of a lot of additions before I embrace it fully.



Erosimian said...

Inspite of having 512 MB ram, I still use the Windows Classic interface.

This IM is manna for us Power users!

Extremely low resource consumption!

Anonymous said...

The new Google Talk is really grt.. its different from the rest as is expected from the team.. need to add emoticons and conference bcoz thats the most important thing for we Desperadoz..

Unknown said...

I voice chatted finally with Aravind aka hbk aka Karadi.
Man o man the voice was crystal clear!!!

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