Alice in Chains- Greatest Hits

I just finished hearing the greatest hits compilation by Alice in Chains.

Its a good one. A fresh musical experience. I heard about this band ever since I started digging up info about Nirvana.

For those who don't know Alice in Chains was a grunge rock band formed in 1987, but gained a lot of prominence in the 90's in the wake of Grunge Revolution.

following is from Wikipedia

The group signed with Columbia Records in 1989 and released a demo album Sweet Alice, then in July of 1990 they issued the We Die Young EP. The title track became a moderate hit on metal-oriented radio, setting the stage for the release of the group's first full LP later that year, Facelift. The album spawned an unexpected hit with the crunchy and infectious "Man in the Box", the video for which went into regular rotation on MTV. Supported by a tour that saw the band opening for Van Halen and Iggy Pop, "Facelift" would go on to achieve gold status by the close of the year.

Laney, the lead singer committed suicide in 2001 and Alice in Chains was officially over but the band had long ceased its activities since 1996.

The history is a bit depressing but wait the songs are also filled with angst. Typical, grunge style. But it has got lot more influences from the hard rock and metal music of 70's.
I like this more than Nirvana's work. May be its just me.
And the song 'Man in the Box' absolutely rocks!

Highly Recommended for all lovers of grunge and rock!