Coming Soon!!!

I just finished reading Harry Potter Series back to back in the last week.
Some record breaking speed reading. Also, the amazing fact is that I read them all on my computer. (No Rowling, You dont need my money!)
I am contemplating a biased review!
Wait for it!
Also some music reviews as well.
May be Megadeth or Deep Purple or Jethro Tull.

And for the record Iam doing absolutely miserable in my AIMCAT series.
Got some good rank in the 2nd one(completely unexpected I may add.360!) and then it has been downhill.
Has to pull up my socks now! Its my one chance!

Finally, my seminar is looming around the corner may be next week after the series tests.



Erosimian said...

hey man!

nice test results! kinda similar to mine!

bring on the reviews!

Erosimian said...

ps : good luck for the seminar!!!

And for CAT too....

Anonymous said...

Whether the review is 'biased' against the book will be to some extent dependent on the reason why you picked up the book in the first place. If you fell victim to the seductive methods of the market, your ability to be objective would be suspect. If you did in order to see if it deserved they 'hype', then you would be in a better position to an 'objectively biased' review.

Btw, good taste in music. Yes, that is a biased comment. Biased towards my idea of quality. Every tried Led Zep or Pink Floyd?

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