The demise of Fredrick Shinjoma started when (and we’re not making this up) a chicken belonging to Shinjoma’s brother laid an egg in his house. Fredrick, keen to give the egg to his brother, took it to his brothers house late one evening, where the sister-in-law greeted him while not wearing any clothes. But it gets weirder yet: Fredrick, who according to local media was shocked by seeing his sister-in-law naked, told his brother the next day. The brother wasn’t happy, then reprimanded his wife. She then decided that she’d commit suicide, and was in the process of hanging herself when “apprehended” and stopped by local villagers. After hearing the news of his sister-in-laws attempted suicide, Fredrick became deeply upset and despite having done nothing wrong, hung himself out of some sense of shame.

This has to be the most weird news in a very long time! On a side note, doesn't this stuff look like something straight out of older Bollywood movies?

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