Billy saves the day

Two girls. Fighting for justice. From the land of the free and the home of the brave. Arrives at the shore of a new land. One smug, one with a stupid smile.

They see a man wave. They wave back!

Behold! Caught by the evilest of all evils! Their crime? They were born. Kim Jong doesn't like people who are born. They should kneel down and kiss the ground when he waves. Only the ones transcended from heavens like him can wave at Kim Jong.

His intentions were clear. He wanted to show the girls the proof of his "divinity." He assured them they would be divine after he is through!

The girls wailed! A birdie heard their cries.

Birdie took the news to land of the free!

He heard. He came.

Nah! I haven't come yet. Billy said staring longingly at the pictures of the damsels in distress.

Jong had heard about his exploits. He called him in. He wished to know the secret mojo.

How do you do it Billy?

Communication is the key. Remember, mouth is not just for eating!

Jong was impressed. He wanted a photo. Billy insisted on his special camera for special friends. Jong and company was hypnotized by the reflection of Billy boy's eyes on the camera lens. Billy boy smiled. It ought to keep them down for two days. Billy told his aide to ready the flight for the next day. He wanted to enjoy the Korean landscape.

He felt an itch in the back of his neck. His mind wandered to Washington...

Unknown to Billy boy, Washington had perfected a mind reader chip. Unknown to Barry, known only to the dear leader of the NWO.

Image courtesy: Reuters, Superpoop

P.S: I know its lame. Couldn't resist!

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