Miyazaki's Fishy Love Story

via io9.com
But even with a weak story behind it, Ponyo proves Miyazaki is still a master animator, one whose vision and attention to detail may be unparalleled. The tsunami, with waves represented as giant, eager fish, is at once beautiful in its magical elements and terrifying for its very realistic power, and once Sosuke's city is submerged, Miyazaki shows us the underwater remnants of suburbia as enticingly tranquil, rather than as skeletons of human society. And he can add humor to a scene by simply with the apt placement of an octopus or crab in the background. It's certainly a film whose visual elements will demand repeated watchings, and a light enough tale to make those watchings enjoyable.

Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea is the latest Hayao Miyazaki movie from the Studio Ghibli stable. Have to get hold of it! Click through for the entire review!

If you haven't seen Studio Ghibli movies yet, get hold of a few and watch! You have no idea what you are missing!

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