So long!

End of another year. 2008. I can still myself writing the date on my notebooks in school. 1991, 1992 and so on...How quickly time passes! How all of us have grown up and dealing with the issues grown ups do! Talks of money, marriage, and recession take a lot of our time. The time devoted to talking about the lighter side of life is dwindling by the day! This year brought me many joys and a lot more pain. I guess this is life.

I took a 3 day break from work for the new year and enjoying being a blissfully lazy bum at home. Have to return tomorrow and reluctant to do so! Listening to Pink Floyd's High Hopes now. Reminds me of the several posts I have not written yet. Lets hope I will get to it soon, now that I am taking my PC to Bangalore.

Wishing all of you a happy and healthy 2009!

P.S: Beware! 2012 is nearing! :P


Unknown said...

Happiest New Year, Rockus!!

Apocalypse, here we come!! :-D

Praveen said...

wish u a happy new yearr:D

2012...we survived no probs:P

Unknown said...

@Corpus Gray: Thanks and same to you!

@Praveen: Who said we survived 1984? In 1984 the world was restarted in June with the arrival of an eminent personality. Alas, in 1985 the effects were nullified! :P

vimmuuu said...

@ Rockus :

Wish you the best year ahead buddy !

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