Yup...I am in a 5 star hotel. The overpriced, expensive shit that people seem to fantasize. Expensive would be a slight word to term things over here. I am bankrupt due to certain unforeseen circumstances. Hopefully, I will get a "bailout" tomorrow. 2 hours of Internet cost a fat sum of 400 Rs! No wifi, just plain old wired net. This is all fucked up man! Overpriced booze sits untouched in the mini bar. Only bright side? I figured out the bath and going to have a dip in the hot tub. Ciao!


Praveen said...

ayyo..wat happnd?
u and 5 star hotel...cant believe!!!!

Resmi... said...

All bugged up???

Unknown said...

@praveen,@resmi: onnum parayanda...the whole thing sucked for a while, later me too immersed in rampant hedonism! :-D

vimmuuu said...

Lol. Your right, thats the only place where they dont charge ! You know what you should do when you go to such hotels? Order as many soaps, shampoos and such stuffs and fill your bag ! I saw that in the FRIENDS sitcome !

Nice blog you got here and I am blogrolling ya !

See ya around !

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