A Day in the Life-1

Wake up everyday,
Make the dash to get the pay.
Outside I watch the dogs,
Reveling their mention in the blogs.

Then I ask the juice man,
Make it grapes today I am in a run,
Obliges he chats up,
About all happenings and stuff.
I gulp down the liquid and nods to his rant,
Discuss what to do about the slant.

Off to the roads daring my life,
One of these days I'll be in a strife.
Drivers go about like its their last day,
Murderous looks they give as if in a play.

Somehow reach the other side,
Watch the pretty ladies wondering they up for a ride.
Admonish self for the lust,
Lure of Asmodeus overcomes lest.


Nivedita said...

omg..youve made life sound erm boringly interesting..something which takes me lots of glorifying and fiction to achieve :)

Rockus said...

@Nivedita: Thanks! :)

Praveen said...

loved it man..
especially the 'dog'..hhehee
then crossing the road:P
that last line i had to take wikipedia's help:D

Rockus said...

@Praveen: Same here! Lifted it from wiki! :-D

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