Speaking of!

Why do I go through this phase over and over again? Sitting and doing nothing productive and going all blues!

Stopped writing after the above lines and does something "productive" finally. Some piracy. Aaarrr, matey!

Speaking of piracy. I was thinking of writing about the music of Rock On!!, a music CD I actually purchased! Someday, someday...soon.

Speaking of reviews, I am still to write about Dark Knight, Mummy III, Chronicles of Narnia (The books and not the movies. Soon Resmi, really soon!)

Speaking of movies, I need to categorise the movie collection and buy a good CD/DVD album like pack. Soon...really soon.

Speaking of CDs and DVDs, I should be working on some workaround to watch Taare Zameen Par DVD. It cost me frigging 500 bucks! Damn thing won't run on Linux and thats all I use. /elitist smug look

Speaking of elitist smugs, I should be working on some new story material and start polishing old ones. Working means actually writing a couple!

Speaking of stories, I should be reading the third Chronicles of Narnia (The Horse and his Boy) book, listening to some, hmmm lemme see Coldplay. Their new album sounds great and has started to grow on me.

Speaking of growing up, I saw Speed Racer (the movie) and loved it. Reviewers said only viewers under 10 would like the idiocy! So I need to grow up, I guess! Anyways, Go Speed Racer, Go Speed Racer, Go Speed Racer, Go!

Speaking of going, I really should be going and read that book while listening to music. /elitist smug look