Like the Flowing River

Just decided to ramble on and on. May be I will find the answer to the ultimate question through just rambling on and on. But what about the ultimate question itself? Ultimate answer is said to be 42. But what is the ultimate question? I hope we soon find out. Otherwise you will die reading this and I will extract your spirit. Then consume it to the prolong my madness. If that sounds like a death eater, you are probably potterphilic and that frankly sounds a bit perversive. Reminds of a fan art I saw with Harry and Hagrid in a rather compromising situation. That is a mild word since I want to make my blog as family friendly as possible. But that doesn't mean I give a shit about people who censor words like fuck!

Oh! Lesson learnt. Don't unleash yourself while you are listening to Syd Barrett. If you want to make any sense about what I just wrote, check the following links.

Answer to the Ultimate Question
Ultimate Question
Death Eater
Seven Dirty Words (if you are really interested!)

Title blatantly stolen from the Paolo Coelho book Like the Flowing River.


Praveen said...

that info on the ultimate question is new to me...loved it:D...thnks wiki..
was the ultimate question actually -"what is the answer to the ultimate question?":P

my knowledge on potter is ZERO...will never read that book, i dint read that potter thingy...

7 dirty words were well as the 3 auxiliary words..

BTW, one shithead pissed me off when he took that book "Like a flowing river" from me and didn't bother to fucking return cu(d)n't read it:(


Unknown said...

@praveen: Potter is pretty good! Try it sometimes. A guilty pleasure may be ;-)


Not hearing for the first time dude, heard it aloud and heard it unsaid several times! :-P

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