Playing it Cold

Hectic, hectic day to say the least. Will be the same the entire week and probably the weekend too. Day dreams are kind of far away now. Reality seems to be taking over me. To be frank it doesn't feel good at all! Its sort of like I have lost my passion and playing it cold. Longing for warmth and some fire to ignite my innards.

Fell in love with the Coldplay song Yes. Strangely soothing. Its about emotional and physical longing. About being tired of the creepy loneliness. Creepy in the sense, you have a dark void in spite of having people around you. Somehow the song makes a lot of sense. The lyrics are a dead giveaway, but more importantly the music itself. The chanty vocals and the oriental bridges blended with some soothing guitar. My favourite song from Viva La Vida, the new album.

A short preview courtesy of imeem.

When it started, we had high hopes
Now my back's on the line, my back's on the ropes
When it started, we were alright
But night makes a fool of us in the daylight

There we were dying of frustration
Singing, 'Lord lead me not into temptation'
But it's not easy when she turns you on
Sin, stay gone

If you'd only, if you'd only say yes
Whether you will's anybody's guess
God, only God knows I'm trying my best
But I'm just so tired of this loneliness

So, up they picked me by the big toe
I was held from the rooftop, then they let go
Dizzily screaming, 'Let the windows down'
As I crawl to the ground

If you'd only, if you'd only say yes
Whether you will's anybody's guess
God, only God knows she won't let me rest
But I'm just so tired of this loneliness
I've become so tired of this loneliness


Resmi... said...

Why so busy? Telecom manual?

Praveen said...

havn't read ur blog in a long time...'the callback' was the one I read started from there and read all the posts:)...
thnks 4 the link to orwell's a strange coincidence, I started reading '1984' today morning only:D...
read the report on kafka's porn collection somedays back...I was trying hard to get the collection...just to know his taste:P..

the one on russia-georgia conflict..hmm..wat to do...been the case since time immemorial..

u bought TZP dvd?coool...heard tht it contains that legendary flipbook and all..BTW, liked 'rock on'?

and atlast coming to your latest post...havn't chked out this album until now...bcos of the simple fact that am still waiting for my broadband connection;)yes, piracy..
now, going mad with BSNL EVDO..gonna throw that shit away by next week

Unknown said...

@Resmi: Yup! Telecom manual. And KT is looming around. Tough times ahead! :-(

@praveen: I really want to read 1984!
Kafka's taste involved all sorts of stuff man! Dont get it unless you can stand it ;-)

Loved Rock On!!
hmmm...i was really planning to get EVDO once I get to Bangalore. Having second thoughts now!

Praveen said...

i guess i can stand anything just for one time:P...

evdo..ifever u get a 3rd thought, am ready to sell off my evdo device ...hehhee...betr go for broadband..

and u coming to bangalore?coool

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