The One with the Disclaimer

Disclaimer: The following is post a compilation of some mad ideas that cropped up in my head after a very heavy dinner from Park Rajadhani. Any resemblance to any women living or dead is entirely coincidental and a fabric of the reader's imagination, even if it somehow became true!

What was God thinking when he made women? May be he thought, men needed to have an ultimate question for which when the answer is found, the question simply changed!

Some snippets I have observed over a long period of time. Nothing personal, some general observations. The 'She' does not in anyway encompass the entire female race!

She: He is too cute. I don't like cute guys.
She: If only he was cute...

She: He is so serious. I like guys who are playful.
She: Will he ever grow up? Always playful and childish.

She: He does not talk much. I like talkative guys.
She: God! Please! Will he ever shut up???

She: I don't like guys who constantly attend to me. Don't they have a life?
She: I like guys who think I am the world.

She: I like guys are who are organized and efficient.
She: Organized guys are too controlling. I hate them!

She: Guys need to be manly.
She: Why don't they like girly stuff?

I don't think I quite pulled this one off :-D