Digg tries to get a date

Something I haven't seen in my life yet. A dangerous way to ask for a date to be frank. With over 9000 people and counting waiting for the girl's reaction.To cut the story short:A guy wants this beautiful hot girl as a date for their prom. He asked her and she said no. He takes snaps of him with cards asking her out (although I haven't seen it yet due to websense in office). He wanted to show his conviction by landing this on the digg front page. A very difficult task mind you. Digg community steps in and just diggs away to glory. 9059 diggs as I am writing this, in just around 8 hours, with 1150 comments! This is massive! Still no word from the girl though. I really hope she doesn't let go of him. There is a comment about them which may be true:She is a really great girl with douchebag boyfriend who dumped her before the prom. This guy is her best friend and a nerd. She has said no to the date for the prom. I really wish she does say Yes to him. Yeah...I know its stupid. Sometimes its better to be stupid in matters of heart.

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