Just realised I have not been posting for a while. Can't put fingers to keyboard to blog to be frank...Pending work looms large as well. And a very small cause of concern...the university results...would be out within a couple of weeks...
Got through the technical interview for the job of a technical writer, now HR interview is scheduled sometime this week. Another thing to worry about...

So far...So blah!
Been downloading a lot of games recently...And playing also...thought I would make a listing of it...

International Cricket Captain 2006
This is a cricket management game. Addictive, if you are into cricket. The graphics positively sucks. The same as what it was in its 2000 avatar.

Sid Meir's Pirates
Aargh! Matey, this is one hell of a game. Remake of a classic game which I was totally in love with.
You are a pirate. Choose your home country. Grab a ship. Attack ships. Pillage towns. Romance with Governer's daughter(Dancing!). Rescue your family members. Avenge your family. Find treasures. Discover lost cities. Sword Fight!
A game that defies genre. An entry into my all time favourites!

The Movies (and expansion Stunts & Effects)
Start your studio. Make your movies. Release. Rake in money!
Simple isn't it?
Well, I wish it was...The movie making is absolutely cool. I made a sniper movie, a mushy romantic movie, several westerns, some alen movies, a weepy love story and oh yeah, a lesbian love story!
The last one was out of necessity due to the game mechanics. The management of your movie studio is hell. Micromanagement hell. So it detracts from the movie making aspect a lot. You can't get actors at right times. Your actors become burnt out. Imagine this, my lead romantic actress was 59 years old when she was acting in bath towels!!! Yuck!
A great game pulled down by micromanagement.
The expansion adds stuntmen who can do..well, stunts! Didn't play around with it as I had better stuff to do...

American McGee's Alice
A twisted Alice in Wonderland. Alice's parents die in a fire. Alice goes mad and is now in an asylum. She is in her teens now and very mad.
She is transported to Wonderland where all is not well. Queen has become draconian and wonderland is suffering. Alice has to save it and in the process save her self.
This is violent action game with lot of blood. Not for kids!
A genius stuff. The artwork are superb. Just take a look!

The chesire cat looks just ominous and Alice, the Butcher!

Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay
A game of the hit movie. But the story is different. It is really good game. But lack of quick save sort of pulls me away from this game.
Action is good. Stealth is vital. Hand to hand combat is cool. Graphics are great.
But something tells me I am not going to finish this...

Halflife 2: Episode One
The episodic expansion to Halflife 2. An absolutely thrilling ride. Alyx, a sexy scientist babe, will be your sidekick all along. Don't get me started on her! :D
The graphics are mindblowing and some cool instances are there in the game. Like, in the beginning you go for a roller coaster ride on a car.
Must play! And I have to play original Halflife 2!

My babe...

Soon, going to play....

Dug it from deep ravines of torrent land. A great game which was a big flop. Will finish downloading today and will post stuff on it later.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
A great rpg from Bioware. Watching Star Wars original trilogy. Will finish today with Return of the Jedi. And I want a tubelight! errr Light saber!
I hope my friend Fox has it.

Halflife 2
The greatest action game, period. Got stuck last time due to some AI trouble. I tried everything but couldn't get past it. The extra large game size is the only blockade...Riddick gone???

Ciao until next time...


naveen said...

Sid Mier's pirate!!!hmmm... will it work in my system??u have seen mine rite??

kickassso said...

lol... me back to playing games that ran best on a TNT2... T&L yess, shaders no thanks ... comes with having a geforce 4:(

Anonymous said...

I have finished Chronicles of Riddick, Half Life 2, HL2 ep1.

Trust me, I loved CoR. U better play and finish it!

but HL2 is far far better than any game I have ever played. So if u have to axe any other game for hl2, it is justified....

Fox just gave me Star Wars Battlefront II and Rainbow 6 LockDown. Must try and finish them before leaving for infy :)

Jai Radeon 9600 Pro :P

Unknown said...

@Naveen: Don't think so man :(
Let me have a deeper look though...

@kickassso: Shaders don't matter man...I had so much fun with Pirates...More than Doom 3 or FEAR...And got a couple of great oldies now...Drakan and Evolva...

@Fragger: Heard COR is a brilliant game...still HL2 seems to be a better proposition and I wanna play with tubelights! Now!

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