The path of the damned?

Technical communication is the process of conveying information about a specific technology to an intended audience. Products that provide technical communication include user manuals, technical manuals, product specifications, process and procedure manuals, training, business papers, and reports. These are delivered to the audience using various media, including paper, video, and Web pages.
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Hiatus has come to an end I guess. My first day in the Knowgenesis certification programme. It was a hard decision to take. Spending 30,000 on a course at such a short notice. But if all things go well it may be the best decision I have taken in life so far.

I always wanted to be a writer. This notion came to my head since…may be when I started reading more mature literature. (No pun intended!)
But being a writer means that you have to have a passion to write and some creative influx of ideas. Even then it would be hard to make a living unless you are very lucky and extremely talented.

I joined engineering due to my liking towards computers and technology in general. I used to be one of those weird nerds in school who used to be called upon for troubleshooting for system problems of my friends. Other than that I had no real friends with a care in the heart for whom I cared or vice versa.

In college my initial stance was somewhat similar. Another nerd! But time went by and I opened out to many a people and became part of a great friends ring. I gained more experience in being a good human being. Not blowing my trumpet but still I believe my character underwent an evolution for the better.

But my technical know-how took a dip. It may have improved…but the rate really went downhill. I cared a hoot really!
Down the lane somewhere I realized I got some potential to crack management aptitude tests and had enough flair to shine in that profession. So my dreams took a different direction.
Also the type of work done in Indian software firms was a source of disillusion. On the back of my head though the lingering desire of being a writer…being a creator had been present.

My academics suffered due to the lack of diligence on my part and I was way too confident of getting out without the help of the marks.
About marks…what are they really in our system?
Mug up and vomit. You get a wonderful percentage!
I have seen very few people genuinely score marks and have knowledge.

So I embarked on my CAT cracking crusade. Results were optimistic in the beginning and towards the end it seemed I was destined for the second tier institutes.
Contented I was…but CAT broke me up rather…still managed to score a decent score. Got call from two Ivy League institutes…but couldn’t convert them both.
IRMA I attended and I believe I had a 60-40 chance of making it.
MICA I couldn’t attend owing to the crappy, rigid attitude of the college regarding the attendance.
Again I was back to the start…now thinking of scoring some marks to make me competent to attend a few software company tests…
The companies I have badmouthed and called as sweatshops…

The light seemed dim for me and already I was thinking of escaping abroad to make a living…a notion I hated…not because I was having any problem with homesickness…but the thought of nagging some relative to get a visa sickened me up…

Roads seemed to be going in one way for me…then I chanced upon an ad in the newspaper.
Technical communication! Technical writing course!
I had been actively searching Monster and Naukri for some writing job and was fruitless so far in my search.
I went to the test and I ended being one of the toppers there…To be frank not very surprising… :P

Then came the hard part…convincing my parents about the viability. And the financial situation did not help either. But after a lot of coaxing…shouting and retorts and some healthy amount of negotiations to split the fees I succeeded in getting the admission.

The classes started yesterday and I couldn’t attend as we had our university exams. Going to six more classed due to the same…I hope I can cover up these. After all the classes are going to happen everyday for the next 3 months…

The first class basically was on corporate communication and we had to write a company profile…my company was T-Rex! (I made it up of course!) Got some pretty good feedback on the writing and a couple of assignments for tomorrow.
Looking good! And feeling better to the opportunity to make a living out of writing. Also a chance to get a management degree in at a later stage with the amount of experience I may get. It looks bright right now!

So why the hell am I writing all these nonsensical stuff in here? And what of my hiatus?
Well, today’s lab assignment is to improve the typing speed. I thought I would rejuvenate my blog by writing some stuff. As one of my friends had once described me, narcissistic onanism!

Well then me going to type some serious article or profile now…


naveen said...

hey man...this is good...a much better thing 4 u when compaired 2 simple coding...All the best man...all the best...may the source b with u..dont worry abt us,as v shall always b with u..But this dosent give u the lisence 2 post things tht v lesser mortals cant comprehend...mind it..dont use mant tough and catastrophic words...k???

kickassso said...

hey man... this post seems just like my last but one post... I guess we feel the same way right now..
And I loved the music tag too.Heck, it was good enough to bring me out of blog-hibernation!

Erosimian said...

I joined engineering due to my liking towards computers and technology in general. I used to be one of those weird nerds in school who used to be called upon for troubleshooting for system problems of my friends. Other than that I had no real friends with a care in the heart for whom I cared or vice versa.

I can understand this like no other person.

Good luck with your chosen path.

Hoping to correct a motherboard manual written by u 1 day. ;-)

Unknown said...

@naveen: your english is horrible young man!
Learn your grammar!
Just put the writer suit on! :P
Anyway thanks man and incomprehensible words...yup has to do something about it!

@kickasso: Glad to be of service!

@duttan: Thanks dude! and expect my consultations!

kickassso said...

actually , someone said there is a perfectly good explaination why all those sleepy type songs show up the most... someone at the forums said something about dozing off while listening to them and forget about turning the player off!

naveen said...

wat is wrang vith mie inglesh??u tell me naw...enthuvada kozhappam ennu??

Panackal said...

machu kalakkiyeda.. i think this one is a good route for u.. coz u hav both technical knowledge as well as the immense capacity to explain things with a good language.. pakshe aliya ee pavam indian usersinu vendi ezhuthumbol kurachu katti kuranja english use cheyyane.. sayippinu venamengil nalla katti english thanne kodutho ;-) wherever u r, whatever u do we will always be there to support u.. Do keep the plans of CAT in ur mind coz u r finally made for that.. keep rocking..

Unknown said...

@kickasso: That is a very plausible explanation! :P
@Naveen: Nothing! You are above shakespeare when it comes to english!
@Panackal: Thanks man! I hope I can make something out of it...

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