Toothbrush and Teacups...

Yet another day in the class. Interesting stuff is what we are doing. Yesterdays assignment was to write the product specs of a toothbrush. Just the headings. Now don’t go ROTFL. It is a tough job. Do you know how intricate a toothbrush is?

We have to write it for a person who has been in coma since birth and has just woke up. Interestingly though, the dude knows English and can understand things! Just that he has forgotten about toothbrush and the details regarding it. So we have to write something for a toothbrush, which is akin to a user manual!
The dude thanks us:
“I have more friends now!”
Yeah sure…people can come within a mile radius of yours now!

Why do we write such mundane things?
A toothbrush!
Why not some cool mobile phone or a new motherboard?
This particular toothbrush it self has around 15 headings…when expanded it would certainly reach around 3 pages.
So imagine a motherboard…dozens of ICs, many a function…it will be a large document…
Wrote the specs of the toothbrush in the morning in a chaayakada (tea shop) sipping on a hot cup of tea... :D

Too bad the university exams are on…I will be missing core classes next week…3 theory papers and our screwed up system in college may give us a very hard time by keeping our labs on the very next day of our exams. God save us all if it happens…
Has to start studying for the exams…but today gone as I have to face a tough battle today. That really warrants another post, as it would be my final outlaw stunt in college.
After the three in next week another three are left…one of them really deadly…Database Management Systems…
I have high hopes of passing what I have written so far…really hope the university will be benevolent as well.


Erosimian said...

toothbrush? ouch! :D

what are they gonna ask next? :-&

Unknown said...

eeeee :D

go do well!
i'm your luck.
you're blessed ...

p.s. don't come crying to me if something goes awry.

another illusion said...

you've been tagged! see my blog for more details.

Unknown said...

@duttan: We have been given a choice!
For a prez this coming friday...

@Akhil: Thanx and :P!

@illusion: Tag accepted! Watch this space!

Anonymous said...

DMS is no doubt a scary subject. I also had hard time with this subject.



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