OKcupid tests...

What Computer am I?

Unix Bigot
You scored 195 skilled, 45 artistic, 70 gamer, and 60 conformity!

If you don't run Unix now, you should think about it. Might I reccommend a flavor of BSD? You don't use your computer for playing games that much, so why not switch? Sure, it takes learning, but you probably have the skills to manage it. And you can always dual boot if that doesn't work out for you.

Got this from Overclocked Fraggers Blog

Unix user???I do use Linux...at times...but with no good audio and scarcity of codecs and lack of games for a casual but compulsive gamer who has a wide range of taste shirks me away...

Man or Boy?

Typical Male
You scored 76 MAN points!

You are the Typical Male. I don't mean that directly as an insult, but you can take it as one if you wish. I joke, I joke!!! You can probably cook a few average meals, your underwear is for the most part white, and you have on occasion made a woman feel like she was something special. Chances are you are getting along just fine with the world and the ladies. So well done...Good for you for moving out of mommy's house!! One hint...just every now and then, do or say something special for your girlfriend, on no particular occasion and for no particular reason. It will earn you loads of brownie points, and if will help out for when you forget her birthday. : P

Some questions are totally irrelevant to the scenario we live in...


CyberMenace said...

ahh a typical male who is a bigoted unix geek !

kickassso said...

hey mate... where's the link to th boy/man quiz?

Unknown said...

Man/Boy Test link! http://www.okcupid.com/tests/take?testid=4494420457530864193

Which Computer Test? http://www.okcupid.com/tests/take?testid=4495417620324998618

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