Response of a "socially unaware person"

Praveen had written a nice article in regard with the Kerala election results.
It seems there has been a pretty good response to the"gestures" I made to the marxists as a comment to the article.
Some dude talked his way into putting some sense into my head (I presume so).
The red gospel!

So I thought I need to make some clarifications. Why I am an antimarxist? Why the Marxists suck? yada...yada...
And I need to clarify the fact whether I am a socially unaware person...atleast to reiterate my belief in myself...

Youth and Marxists

The recent reports say the young children are very much attracted to V S Achuthanandan.
The reason?
Very simple...children likes clowns and jokers.
Everyday you can see somebody miming VS on TV and VS himself taking his pathetic talk. Is it fit for a CEO of a state? Think for yourself.
This is the person going to meet the corporates and the centre for the various plans and proposals. There is a lot to ettiquette and it goes a long way in negotiations. Ask any good manager.

The strikes in our city.
The stone throwing and public nuisance making SFI and DYFI people. The youth wing of the CPM. The anger of the youth?
Yeah some anger!
99% of these miscreants are not part of SFI. Heck they have'nt even passed 7th standard. (In my mother's words "Anchaam classum Gusthiyum" *5th standard and Wrestling*)
I know this fact for sure. Not from any third party. The first hand information seen over many years. The slum area nearby our home houses these people and they are paid by the CPM to do the things. And the rest 1% are some fools and the student leaders.
What happens to the miscreants when the Police comes to University College?
They jump the wall and enters the Holy Vatican of Marxists, the AKG Center. No policeman dares to even casually gaze at that structure.
Poor students who wants to learn are crucified in the end.

Now on to the Engineering Colleges.
We all know fueds happen in colleges. We do things on a rush of blood to our heads.
So where does the Marxists fit in?

In our college there is gang of good for nothings. Won't study anything. Cuts the classes and makes a disturbance to all involved. Absolute good for nothings. I used to compare them to Oxes (yeah oxes not bulls...because bulls have balls)
One of the fools had an issue with a good friend of mine and all hell broke lose. They started threatening him by saying about their contacts and all. Once he reacted and they were hurt. And they had to make some contacts to show off. So what did they do?
Went to the Marxists and bought them booze. For our college day we could see the DYFI point man Binu I P coming to scout. And to go further they created local commitees of CPM in new areas and became the LC's.
Recently for their party they called Om Prakash ( A thug who was arrested as the uncrowned Prince of the Trivandrum Underworld. I presume DYFI leaders were there too)

Is this party for the taking of the antisocials and the good for nothings?

Attitude of leaders

Now this is gem of information. As part of my IRMA interview preparations I met several people. One of them was a top official, I can't give away his name or credentials. Lets say he is an important person in the Kerala Developmental sector.
We were talking about various stuff and finally came to Kerala model development and the Party influences. This man knows Thomas Isaac personally and he was saying that he is a genius and a master of multitasking.
And then I asked him about strikes in the city and all. Then he quoted Isaac. "We don't care about the development of the new leaders. We want to have a strong impact on the public. There is nothing more lucrative than the educational sector. These student leaders are just our minions to keep our public profile up."
This a truth and I don't neither the man or I have a reason to lie.

Now into a recent statement of a CPM leader. "The popularity of a leader is not the criterion for Cheif Ministerial Job. Its a party decision."
So what does he imply? The CPM doesn't cater to democratic setup in India?
Well I do agree, in all parties the central command decides the leader. But the popular leader is usually made the CM.
The people are the masters. Not the party. But in CPM, the sun rises in the west.

Now another issue. A prominent young leader in the party (he lost the elections this time. yipee!) was accused of taking money from Manichan, the illicit liquor baron. The party cleansed of his sins by saying that he took it for the party.
Is party bigger than the people?
Will the party take money from any no good criminal?
Don't say they didn't know about Manichan's activities.

If party is bigger than people then why are they still in the election fray?
Why don't they try to implement the social justice as said by Marx?
What is the difference between Charu Majumdar (the reverred Naxalite) and them if they believe party knows everything?
Majumdar was a man. He had spine and he had belief in his ideology. Not like these political eunuchs. A true Marxist. And the last one...

Social Issues

Marxist party is said to be based on ideals of Marx...of social justice...of equality.
But what does the CPM preach?
What is their stand on reservation?
They boast of having an intelligentia and what do they have to offer as an alternative to the very flawed reservation system in the country?
Nothing! They are afraid of the backlash of the classes which have been enjoying the benefits at the behest of the needy and the deserving.
They have been mum on the current issue of the reservation to the ivy league institutes.

And why do they oppose the Universal Civil Code?
The one thing which makes me vote for the BJP.
One civil law for all the people in the country. Which is sure to bring in a sense of equality in the nation.
The Marxists oppose it saying some nonsense.

The virtues

The marxists have been lobbying against the private colleges and all.
The truth?
Two students of our colleges are the kids of the top CPM brass. If they were virtuous they would never sent their kids to the "satan". And there are many more in other colleges.
PInaryi's daughter is a student in a prominent private college in Tamil Nadu. On being asked he said it was a top institute.
Wouldn't he give a chance to private colleges here to be the top?
Some socialism!

About V S

The hero of the Punnapra-Vayalar struggle!
The heroes of that struggle are dead or were maimed. The ones hailed today including V S were not in the vicinity or were hiding underwater or under some bushes. The tailor has come a long way indeed! I don't mean derogatory but does he have the knowledge to be a leader? A leader should be wise not crooked. VS is a shrewd person capable of cutting down his adversaries in the party and becoming the one. But does he have an administrative skill?
I don't think so.
If he was a good manager then he would never cull the party. He would have outshone them and garnered respect in the party. But he hasn't.
Sure he was an active opposition leader. But you can bitch but can he give unto the bitch?
And don't think he is clean...
Information from an inside source (read government department) about his daughter.
Now holding a plum job in a government instituition she was a barely passer in school and college who got a very suspicious top rank in her post garduation. Even if she was a rank holder she could have never got the job the right way if the merit was strictly followed.
There has been some allegations against his son as well and his alleged involvement (non involvement?) in the smart city deal.
What about the VS stand in the issue. His reaction before the alleged swindling and the real estate mafia was the most enraging one. He said Smart city would benefit the middle class in Kerala and not lower class.
So the middle class children should go outside? Sweat their way out in alien land? Do they have no right to work in their homeland?
And only a shortsighted politician would say this. The development of a region would lead to an overall growth. Look at Kazhakootam. So many services and selfemployment due to the coming of technopark.
So he has shown that he has zero vision. Does he deserve the job?
Of course he is the better person. The one horned devil among the two horned ones.

The marxists want Kerala to remain as a state were most of the people remain uncultured and without a vision. Only then they would be getting votes. They know that their vote base is with the lower and the middle class. They want to protect it at all costs. At the cost of development of the state, the people.
When will the people start thinking?
And when will they see the hollow promises of these damned idealists?

In that comment it was said that after five years Kerala will change and VS will usher a new era which will bring the Marxists back to power.
I am ready to eat my words if it happens. I don't think I would need to. Damn sure...

I know this has been a long post and I looked at only one side of things. But I am tired after typing and I guess I made my point clear. I needed to...


Erosimian said...

wonderful post.

Unknown said...

@Duttan: Thanks man...means a lot to me...

Anonymous said...

well said!

Anonymous said...

although i could agree with many of your allegations and facts,there r many things i differ.especially u r comments about VS .its a mere one sided accusation and prejudice to call him a poor administrator and the state is not a company to be run by a CEO or that like person.the worst part was calling him a clown or a joker.i don think so.he has his on speaking styles and its immature to hit at those personal styles.and remember he has the support from the ordinary voters of kerala more than anyone..ofcourse his vision on development issues r poor.but he is not a mere joker but much above the so called intelligent beasts of our society

Unknown said...

@cj: Thanx!
@anonymous: VS has not shown any administerial qualities apart from his backstabbing abilities and a good administrator will never have so many detractors within the party. His motto was to crush and rule. Remember Angelos? This created the sense of insecurity in the leaders and when they were strong enough now they are against him.
The support from the party is essential for a good rule...i don't think that will happen and we will see a distorted version of A K Antony's rule.
I have my opinions and lets agree to disagree.
And next time please don't be anonymous...commenting as anonymous is something I don't like unless you are Osama Bin Laden :P

-Poison- said...

i like the concept of a marxist utopia(the 'real' one not the one in india, which is a huge fare, sadly)

about vs...our state has been ruled by a load of bull shit artists over the years. not going to make a huge dent if the 'tailor' is given a chance. i have a soft corner for achu, i guess.

Unknown said...

@poison: The marxist utopia is a dream wont work in a world like ours which is governed by chaos...
I don't think VS is better or worse than any of previous CMs. Its just that he is not the saviour like Jesus as he is projected to be.
And I don't think its going to be better or worse...its going to be the same old story all over again...

Panackal said...

Dey rockus.. superb da just superb.. u hav frankly told everything which any aspiring youth would like to say.. i agree to each and every bit of word in ur post.. The only thing left in this party is the old name "Marxist".. nothing else... they just want our state to be like what it was when we got independence.. no developments.. thats why during elections they play these old songs of payload workers and the old vayalar and punnapra riots. and these fools who support them hav already fixed in their mind that life is meant only for supporting these politicians. they dont hav a will to rise in their lifes. they dont realize that when projects like smart city come to kerala they too will benefit from it.. i really pity on them..

Unknown said...

@panackal: *Hugs*
The songs are sooo inspiring and sooo archeological!
It seems CPM is still stuck in the 50's!

Praveen said...

only neutral ppl like u dare 2 speak the truth....the party guys always has to support theeir party....and tht thing abt vs's daughter was new info 4 me.....also his involvement[rather, non involvement] in the old revolts.....gr8 post indeeed

Sreenath said...


Unknown said...

@Praveen: Thanx Man...I took a liberty by answering your commenter...I am glad that its ok with you...
@Sreenath: KSEB is a lucrative is every other boards under the government...I think you meant LDF instead of UDF...
Thanx for the comments...big words there...

Unknown said...

did want to comment on ur post morn itself, but -

wanted to tell ya that, i share your "gesture".

the marxist principles have eroded away from the parties now. they r like regular politicians. crooked & corrupt stooges!
they don't even Mean what they say!
they haven't & they wont!

yup, children luv jokers & jesters.

the thing about pinarayi's daughter & that about vs'& his son alleged involvement (non involvement?) in the smart city deal was new to me too.
The one horned devil, it is, for 5 yrs. hmmpff

ya, heard about the hit-man Om Prakash on TV.

when'll all this idiocy end?

all said & done, an amazing post!
three cheers -
spoken from the youth's heart.

kiran said...

Naru gr8 post macha! I do agree with u on every word u said! Marxists really dont want us to improve or develop. All they have is some utopian ideologies, which is not applicable in social situation like ours! But naru remember that the marxists are not the only tainted people, there are also corrupt leaders from other parties as well, including BJP(no offense ;) ).Marxixt party is nota democratic one, whoever raised their voice against them were either sidelined or expelled ( remember PG,CHINTA weekly...). One more thing CPM was one of the foremost parties that extended their support in the matter of the reservation issue proposed by Arjun Singh.Marxists cant never bring social equality here, they can only further add fury to the existing problem! They are now playing the minority card eyeing on their votes!

I think the clean image that achu mama maintains has more credit to press and the contemporary political films, in which he is portrayed as a messiah of the down trodden masses!
wats the differnce between he and umman chandi? UC collected petitions from the people thru the athivegam athidooram programme and VS climbed the mathi kettan mala, both publicity stunds that doesnt serve the real purpose! He may not be clown as portrayed by the mimics, but sure thing is that he wont be capable of changing the coming LDF government to a pro-people government and wont have the guts to
face the communal forces and issues such as Maudany and Narendran Commission report as well as other issues such as fees reduction in self financing engg colleges for which they made such a hue and cry over past 5 years! Its high time that we must say LAL SALAM to these crooked and wicked marxists!

Unknown said...

@akhil: The idiocy will end one day...lets hope for it...or its doom for our people...

@kiran: I do agree that there are tainted ones in other parties (and I am not a BJP spokesperson, no offense :P) but the way the Marxists are portrayed and esp the way VS is portrayed is downright ridiculous.

naveen said...

Man...u spoke the words frm my mind.. Actually,CPM dosent have any leaders after AKG.. Now...they r dividing the ministery like they r dividing a cake or something lik tht.. 4 to CPI,2 to JD etc.etc.... This is not based on merit..The issues in KSEB is right..Beleive me when I say so... The time when LDF ruled was the worst for KSEB.. And i beleive tht it is not the love 4 LDF tht won them this time but rather the hate against UDF and DIC(K)..

Unknown said...

@naveen: U got a point there man...DICK sucks...

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