A Brief Hiatus...

Exams are breathing down my neck and i have'nt done much serious preparation. The last unis (hopefully!) and I plan to make some mark (literally and figuratively) at least this time.
There are a lot of issues burning and on which I have an urge to write. Then again I don't feel like writing and writing is a responsiblity. You have to think and scrutinise the feedback. It is like any other job.
I always believe in giving the best in what ever I do. To be more cheesy I am borrowing some words from Spiderman : "With great powers come grest responsibilty"
You have to be responsible for what you do and learn from your feedback. Right now I don't have enough time and mind to do it.
So I thought it would be best to take a leave from blogging till my exams are over. It would last till the end of next month.
Unless something dramatic happens which would move me to write I don't think I would be writing...
Praveen has a written a good post on the reservation issue...do read that if you have'nt already. Raise your voice against this malice. No matter how feeble it is every voice counts...
No matter the struggle succeeds or not the youth of India has shown that they have guts and a spine to stand up against injustice.
I salute those in struggle and dedicate the song "We are the champions" by Queen.
Take a note on the lyrics...its fitting for the situation...
Adios till we meet again...

We are the champions - my friends
And we'll keep on fighting - till the end -
We are the champions -
We are the champions
No time for losers
'Cause we are the champions - of the world -


Praveen said...

hi rockus..
we all will miss ur words of wisdom in the coming weeks...hope something 'll stir u up and make u write a postt....and BEST of luck 4 ur xams

i wud like to add one more song to tht list...
Hum Honge kaamyab
Hum Honge kaamyab
Ek dinnnnn
Man mein hai vishwas
Poora hai vishwas..
hum honke kaamyab ek din

Unknown said...

@praveen: Thanks and same to you man...
That song is cool too...hope that 'din' comes...

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