Tour is here!

Tour is here!
I am going tommorow morning. I want to blog a lot but I'm not able to. Little too strifed for time.
Age of Decadance is here!!!!!!
But the big trouble is that our results would come out soon and so its going to be really messy after 13th. (That number again!!!). On top of it the current series mark would arrive home. Flunked in 2 subjects gloriously and had a rough time teachers. I was the OUTstanding student this season. So more trouble there. I will be back by 25th. or may not be here... Buried in the Tibetan Side of Rohtang Pass!

In other news:
Me and Anand had an accident 3 days back. Nothing much happened...
More on that and a big blog on tour and some posts lingering in my mind later on...

Later Days...


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