As my college days are nearing its fag end, I have started to feel the same old feeling of dread I had when I was in 12th. How, What, Where? The questions are raging inside my cranium!
Iam not placed anywhere, thanks to my appalling academics.

Why can't people understand this basic thing ?
Marks don't reflect a persons ability or his knowledge. I can shamelessly boast that I know my stuff much much better than most of my fellow compatriots. But for what? People say this all the time "Man, somethings big is kept for you. Something to which you are worthy!".
Hmmm. Seems too good to be true.

Don't get me wrong, Iam not in the least bit disturbed that I have'nt been placed. I am pretty sure that I will suffer in a any of these Indian IT majors. No real opportunity for your creativity to flow through and pretty hard work. Traditionally I don't really get on with the latter.
Next route: MBA ofcourse! Two months to go and have'nt started any kind of preparation.
Mock CATS are a real mockery for me. Ranks don't sink much low thanks to my verbal ability and fast reading, but an elite B-School??? Chanceless you hopeless!!!
Besides, I got no chance of getting a bank loan on top of one already I have without the Titan Muscles of a good B-School.

SO what am I planning to do???
In a year facing the world, burdened with hopes of my parents (and a big loan) and absolutely no plans???

My life has been a series of incertainities. Even doctors were uncertain to do a scissorian to get me out of the womb (They finally did!) So I hope something good will happen uncertainly!


Erosimian said...

hang in there da.

Ashwin Raju said...

well.. you prolly will be delivered (or something like that) into a great life.. just wait for it and do nothing wrong when the damn oppurtunity comes knocking... btw i saw you at MCT on the army interview day..

Unknown said...

I didnt cu!
no one told u were there. i saw karadi and abhilash.

Anonymous said...

Marks mean little if the method via which one is tested does not fully discover one potential to apply that which is studied in an intelligent manner.

danya said...

naru u dont now how gr8 u r...u r really a mystery 4 all of us ...and the words abt u which i told my dad was not just flattering ...its frm the bottom of my heart and its absolutely dont be desp u ll surely get placed aft ur mba in an elite institute ...and remember i told my cousin at ahmedabad tht theyll b having u as a guest ...k so all teh best to get into iim-a lots of luv danya

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