Manmohan Day!

Yesterday was a Manmohan Day in all sense of the day. I got to see our Prime Minister Mr.Singh (err! not quite. I saw his black car. A BMW I think.) and on the whole day was 'Man Mohan'.

Lot of plans yesterday. I had to make an online registration for IIFT(why?) for myself, Nitin and Shanthi. The forms were online and had to be printed at that itself or so we thought. I decided to go to Sreenath's house for that.

As I was getting ready Mother told me to go to the Bank and put some money there. So she dropped me there. After some banking I felt really tired(duh!) and I head back home. On the way I bought two books: Deception Point and Digital Fortress by Dan Brown. Iam reserving that for the train journey to Delhi next week.

Rajappan had told me he would come to my place so that I could teach him his seminar paper
( iam supernaturally intelligent!). So I waited for him and promptly fell asleep. By 2:30 Rajeev came to my house. He came to drop his brother somewhere in the city. I told him to drop me bythe TIME office. I had to collect a LOT of materials.

Police did not allow us to pass to Pettah and we proceeded to Champion Bhaskaran Road. There seemed to be a road block so I told him to drop me there. After walking for some distance I found that the roads had been blocked as our PM was passing through. I proceeded to Kannanmoola and on my way the Police 'alerted' all the people to move aside(alerted is a gentlemanly term for their language). So I waited for the convoy to pass through.

We had seen an exercise earlier while coming back from college a couple of days back. Some 50 cars raging the road. So I expected to see a lot more.

Waiting.Still waiting.Can't move the PC is staring at me as if I was aHizbul Mujahideen. So I turned my thoughts to other things.

After some thinking I came to the conclusion that it is easy to assasinate our Prime Minister. They didnt even check me and I don't think they had any metal detectors.
No one seemed to care about a suspicious looking woodboard and haystack nearby. Someone can easily place a bomb in that.
Also you can use the street dogs to bomb the PM. Make them swallow timed gelatin sticks and kapow when the car comes nearby.
There is a disgusting stream and a bridge over it. A terrorist could easily hide in the undergrowth of the bridge (they could hide a full grown African Elephant!) and launch a RPG attack( Rocket Propelled Grenade).

I was alerted by a siren from far away. A police van was coming at the full speed, atleast its full speed. And then nothing. After some 5 minutes another siren. I braced myself for an audience with the PM and a police jeep came and went. Again nothing.
Now I realised the terrorist probably go mad and rush out to attack even before the PM came.
There was another siren, another Poloce vehicle I presumed. A van, a jeep and now what a bike???

In came a state car and an army of state cars, followed by an odd vehicle. A jeep with many antennae and the PM's car, a BMW I think followed it. Again an army of state cars. Why so many state cars? No , there was no double bacause I could see all the passengers in the state car.

The Police Men were smug and their faces read this: 'THE WORLD IS SAFE AGAIN! THANKS TO KERALA POLICE!'

I proceeded to the TIME office.


danya said...

haha i saw our dear old pm
he waved at me while he was passing thru our way to vithura ....and as u said naru it was very easy 4 a person to assasinate him...even thgh there was a big fuss including the mock check and all and some 2000+ policemen some on top of was all not engh to prevent a person who really wanted to get rid of him...thank god tht nothng i got the luck to c our prime minister inside the black bmw(lucky man) and his wife... nice day

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