Guns N Roses: Hollywood Rose E.P

While browsing through various torrents I happened to come across a torrent called Hollywood Rose Demo by Guns N Roses. I was thoroughly intrigued as I am a hard core GNR fan and decided to download the stuff. After all it was just 11MB so even if it turns out to be fake it wouldnt hurt...much.
So I downloaded the torrent and it was an EP. EP is usually a miniature of album having 3 to 5 songs and is limited edition with about 500 copies pressed. This one had 3 songs in it and I click started winamp to play Shadow of Love.I was greeted by a cool Rhythm Guitar riff and I thought "Cool! Even if its fake I could live with this." Then came a barrage of vocals unmistakebly Axl Rose's, though pretty fast for a GnR song to clear all doubts. The next two songs (My Way Your Way, Reckless Life) were also pretty fast but they too had a typical GnR touch to them. What I really found was that my boy Izzy Stradlin's rhythm Guitar was much more prominent than in later GnR songs and the lead is actually a bit subdued. No wonder its not Slash but Traci Gun.
The EP is a great work and it is not surprising that they found themselves with a recording contract from Geffen Records
sooner than later.
A download worth its wait in gold.


Anonymous said...

well dude, you should post the tracker!!!

Anonymous said...

Found it!

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