Fuck! A bloody weekend and I cannot sleep! I should be sleeping late into the day, lazily shielding myself from the greenish glare of the sun. Greenish thanks to my curtains, which I chose and absolutely adore! Feeling a little bad about leaving to Bangalore. Its been one and a half months at home and will be two by the time I leave. Of course, everything depends on whether the Hepatitis virus manages to leave me! If I am really lucky, I could be suffering from pancreatic cancer or a rare form of liver cancer. The perils of information overload!

If I stay awake for 10 more minutes, the Pakistan-New Zealand test match will start. Watching the pakis getting pawned is sadistically uplifting! A little while later Cricket Revolution will be done downloading and I can start playing it! A neat game! You can play all sorts of shots unlike the usual hit and giggle in EA Cricket. I guess I will listen to some music on Spotify. Installed it using a UK proxy. Works like a charm! Awesome on-demand radio. Best part: It even has good quality Malayalam songs!
Loved the T20 game last night. Good to see Yuvi raping the Srilambs! Even better to see some old school Dhoni hitting which is a rare sight these days. Oh, by the way I support Telangana to an extent! Hopefully, I will get my lazy butt to write an article tomorrow. Before all the sheeple get another issue to bleat. A tweet really reeled me up: someguy Absolutely! RT @anotherguy We need to unite the country! Not divide it! Yeah right! When you get time, brush upon history and a have quick peek in the constitution. New post! Tomorrow! I am getting hot now!
Hopefully, I will be watching Paleri Manikyam: Oru paathira kolapathakathinte katha tomorrow. Supposed to be one of the best Malayalam movie in a long time!
Ciao! Drink your milk and stay fit!

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