I have an Outbrain widget on the blog. The one that allows you to click and rate the post. Very same thing people barely use! It pays for itself by inserting contextual links to posts outside the blog. Look at the link that came along with my last post: Vaginal Health: Why Do I Have Watery Discharge?

A truly WTF moment! It is pretty much contextual when you think about it. The post starts with a fuck and I guess its pretty much related. Hmm...most of the time at least you pervs! If you dig deeper, its even more intelligent! I have referenced the movie Paleri Manikyam: Oru paathirakolapathikathinte katha. The movie deals with the first (fictional) rape-murder in unified Kerala! Very relevant unless you have very different taste! I should stop before I turn this post into an innuendo fueled fuck fest!

Two days on and I can't sleep! I went to bed early. Switched off my laptop so that I don't get up in the middle of the night to check upon mails that never were.Slept for sometime. A fitful sleep. Weird dreams.

In one particular dream, I am having dinner with a lady in a fancy restaurant. No, can't remember her face! I am pretty amorous and eating little. Nothing weird so far. As I think about calling the waiter for bill, she says: I want a juice and something to eat! I am still hungry! If you can't afford from here, we can go out and eat. I wake up thinking WTF!

The second one is worse. I am standing in the front room of my home and talking to my mother. Nothing weird here, until you realize that you are watching a water ride similar to ones seen in Veega Land just next to your home. Weirder still, your mother is talking to you while she is riding it! Weirdest of all, one dry ride is in your yard and literally dozens of people are riding it. I resign myself to the sights and watch a new building next to the water ride where the school kids who came to ride are partying with beer. Suddenly, I am out of the house. A terrorist apparently has entered the ride and he is going inside my home totting a gun. I am frantically trying to devise an escape plan for my mother. Then I wake up. Go and pee few litres. Drink more water to compensate. Sleep has deserted me again. I am left thinking about moving away to a quiet place where there are very little chance of a terrorist attack. There is a promised post. I will get to as soon as I can start thinking coherently. Also, the review of Paleri Manikyam would be up soon. Hint: One of the best movies I have seen this year which is an illustrious list that includes Pazhassi Raja and Kerala Cafe.

Edit: And the outgoing contextual link for this post is...Insomnia at Menopause: Learning to Love My Inner Teenage Night Owl ( Errm! Curiouser and Curiouser! 

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