Aah...the beautiful colour that heralds the arrival of proper spring with the marigolds! How I love thee! Not anymore! Not since my turned yellow due to acute jaundice on a fine Saturday afternoon in Guruvayoor. There I was, happy as a bee, waiting for Kerala Cafe to start after hanging out with friends at Vineeth-Shalini wedding, and Neo drops the bombshell.

'Dude! Your eyes are yellow! Jaundice! Escape!'

Like I said earlier, I had been feeling pretty crappy over the past one month. The morbid fears and a very pedestrian appetite to boot. I got back to Bangalore on Sunday morning, picked up my laptop and headed to Trivandrum.

I got to the hospital as soon as I reached and the doc asked me to take blood and urine. Funny story: The lab girl was confused between my urine and blood samples. It was that bad! In the afternoon, doc came near me and checked the pulse.

'Alive! You should be dead by the amount of bilurubin in your blood!'

Strangely, I was feeling not that bad. Sick, yes. Deathly sick, no! So started my week long prison break! It was awful. Food mainly consisted of fruits and vegetables, followed by even more fruits! In the mornings I got some respite as I had to eat idli very early to take the medicines. Apart from that, the entire week was spend simply lying on the bed and eating fruits. The sad part was the mobile network. I couldn't even check my Google Reader! After a very long time, I spent a week away from Internet. It was not too bad actually!

The last results at the hospital were not good and the doctor was not in favour of discharging me. But I insisted on it as I was feeling okay and they had stopped giving me IV. It was pretty much useless lying there simply. Besides, I had to get in touch with work and sort out several issues. I started working from home this week and my team has been absolutely smashing! They had taken care of everything that was pending from my side! You guys seriously rock! You are the best!

Back to my laments. Still I am quite sick according to the tests. So food is exclusively fruits and vegetables. I guess I am turning into a birdie! At least 2 more weeks of house arrest is staring in my face. On the plus side, I am getting to spent a lot of time with my parents which I could never do ever since I moved to Bangalore. On the minus side, all they have to talk about is my marriage and future plans. That sucks. Period.

On the bright side of things, Chitz gave me the Kreative Blogger award! Thank you! Bouquets please folkses! Do wait for my acceptance post!

Later days citizens! Drink lots of water! Eat lot of kappa pazham! Show solidarity with me!
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