Award just after getting out of 'a ward!' Bad pun, but good feeling! Chitz awarded the Kreative Blogger Award to me! Yay! Please start the slow clap while I accept the award!

Thank you! Thank you Thank you!
These awards generally come with a catch or few. Lets see!
1. Tell 7 things about youself that nobody else knows.
2. Pass on this award to 7 other people.
3. Comment on their blogs to let them know that they are tagged.
Lets start with the first condition!
Seven things about me that nobody else knows.
See the blogs name? Confessions of Dangerous Mind. There has been several dangerous (to me!) confessions in this blog, so I cannot say I am giving out some fresh stuff!
1. I really want to eat Mutton Brain Fry. Now! Only if I wasn't under house arrest and on a diet fit for a goat.
2. I love watching rain through my window, lying down on my bed. Somehow the visual makes me very happy.
3. I have an irrational fear of number 13.
4. I love books. I can spend hours in a book store and library.
5. My first book was a Malayalam picture story book made in the USSR. The main characters where kittens, dogs, snow men, rabbits, bears, porcupines (with a red shoe!)...I still have some part of the book with me.
6. I loved being naked as a kid. I used to come from school, do a strip dance, and run around naked around the home. Every day, till I was 8-9.
7. I hate hypocritical dudes. Except me.
Every blogger is creative, just like every baby is beautiful. So I bestow the award upon all bloggers! Since it would be a hassle to go and post comment on every blog, I am skipping that step!
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