Morbid Thoughts

I have not been in best of health since last week. Sudden temperature fluctuations coupled with nausea spells have made life pretty miserable. I drift towards morbid thoughts in these times. My remedial measures for such thoughts? Gross out others with these thoughts!

Me: All my innards are melted!

Neo gives me a puzzled look.

Me: I am dying!

Neo: Is there anything new? I am trying to watch this programme. kthnxbye!

Me: You will see my dead body in the morning!'

Neo: Don't give hope!

Me: You will see my body hanging from this fan when you wake up!

Neo: Won't be a pretty sight. Especially since you don't wear a lungi with no underwear.

Me: Directly over you. Hanging. You know what people do when they are hanged?

Neo: They die?

Me: They shit. Now imagine being awakened by some warm sludge on your body.

Neo is gagging.

Me: I wonder if there is a dead wood like morning wood. If thats so, then it would be scene that would mentally scar you for life!

Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

A nice and bloody hectic evening at work. Out of the blue, Gmail window is buzzing. Unexpected, since I don't really chat anymore and invisible most of the time.

xxx: Congrats!
yt (yours truly): Thanks! :) Didnt expect this! Such an unexpected honour!
(To be frank yours truly was beating around the bush, since he didnt get a clue on who this chick was!)
xxx: :)
yt: :)
(Starts recollecting the generic name holder girls from school and finally throws a stone just to be sure)
yt: howz the little one doing?
xxx: Great! He started walking!
yt: Cool!
(Finally! This is her afterall!)
yt: You have a fairly normal gmail id, then why from this? I had a hard time figuring out!
xxx: Chumma! (simply)
yt: btw what was the congrats for? :D
xxx: :O For the marriage!
yt: :O :O :O
yt: The only marriage I am remotely associated with in the short-medium term is my roomie's.
xxx: Then what about the blog?
yt: Blog?
xxx: Your post today! You have written that your mom said that you would marry in 2010!
yt: That! Look at the time stamp! Nearly 3 AM!
xxx: 1.50 AM :P
yt: Yeah yeah...all are maths and you know I suck in maths.
xxx: So?
yt: Blog posts generally tend to have facts and fiction combined together. Particularly mine when I am narrating incidents!
xxx: So its a lie?
yt: Not exactly! My mother did threaten. And for the record she said 2009 in 2008. :P
xxx: Hmmph!
yt: :-P
yt: I am a long distance runner! Destined to be lonely! :-(
xxx: Right! :P

Man! I should put a disclaimer on the blog posts!

For your aural pleasure, I present Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner by Iron Maiden. (aural since there is no video per se in this youtube clip!)

P.S: The song based on the story of the same name.
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Hope the Posterous integration works!

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People say that I have a predatory sense of humour. I can make your life pretty miserable with practical jokes if I decide. Doubtful? Ask Odie and Pappu  for more information. I am too lazy serve you the links. Go ahead and use nice Lijit search and serve yourself some delicious posts! On your way out, pray to lord that you don't become my target. I always wondered from where I got my predatory instincts. All became clear last weekend.

My mother is an avid reader. The most wonderful gift she gave me is the ability to lose myself in the company of books for hours. I can't match her reading in terms of quality or quantity, but I hope one day I do get there. She recently bought the complete works of Madhavi Kutty aka Kamala Das aka Kamala Surayya. A controversial writer to say the least. Very gifted, but often falsely accused of shocking people with porn. Most non-readers consider her works to be taboo for no reason.

One fine day, my mom was watching Malgudi Days (the complete DVD set is available now!) and a society lady pops in to visit Dad for some NSS activities. Mom must have dozed off in front of the TV as she always does and always denies! The lady in question is very orthodox, rather rich, and a bonafide bimbo. Dad was having a cold war with Mom and he utilized the occasion to the max.

"The missus is watching some serial. She always spents her time in front of the TV."

My mom walked over to meet her, only to get a disdainful look.

Dad decided to rub some more salt. He noticed the Madhavikutty book on the table.

"And she reads Madhavi Kutty. Got nothing better to do!", Dad said pointing to the book.

"You read Madhavi Kutty?!", the lady is visibly flabbergasted and flustered as if she just caught her son watching a porn movie. (No reading between the lines. My folks never caught me watching porn, they just caught a few of the erotic comics I drew in college. Reaction was similar though.)

"Err...Yes!", mom is embarrassed and really wants the lady out of the house so that she can bring the house down on my Dad.

Dad is triumphant and decides to leave for his own good.

He flashes his rare triumphant smile and tells the lady, "Can you just drop me to the office on your way?"

He escapes the ship, only to set up a cauldron for yours truly to be boiled.

"You will get married in 2010!", thunders my mom as a hapless me enters without any knowledge of prior events.
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Disposable blahs

The last post was number 490 according to Blogger. 4+9+0=13! The bloody number strikes again for me! My dislike for 13 (rather the vice versa) is well documented and I refuse to elaborate!

The sentimental post I did couple of days back on going to Goa. Read it? Well...the trip didn't happen! It would be fair to say it almost happened! Nearly a 100 KM away from Goa, mother nature decided to intervene and shut us down for good!

We were stuck in some god forsaken place. Lucky for us, the halt was made near a drive-in restaurant and food was plenty! But being stuck in a bus for a whole day ain't fun, especially if its pelting dogs, cats, and a few other animals! To cut a sorry story short, we reached back in Bangalore on Satuday morning instead of Goa on Friday morning, after starting from Bangalore on Thursday night!

We drowned our sorrows in Friday night. I have this allergic reaction which has forced me to abandon my hell-bent-for-leather attitude to drowning sorrows, so I am still pretty morose. Bah!

Going to make some green tea to drown my sorrows! Ciao!

P.S: To the three idiots who made it to Goa without us: Goa ain't same without us! You better come when we go the next time!

At first, we were like...

Then we were like...

Seasons change...Do we?

Photo taken in some cathedral in Goa. September 2005.

God! Time does fly fucking fast! Can't believe its been 4 years since this snap been taken!

We are going back to Goa. Friday through Sunday, days hopefully filled with fun and frolic. 2 dudes in the picture won't make it, several others will. I think its pretty commendable that we are still very good friends after leaving the college and being in different cities/companies.

All of us have changed in some way or the other over the years. Some subtle changes, some not so subtle. I always think of a group of friends as chain. Each of us may not be the closest confidant of every other person. But each one is a closest confidant of somebody who is the closest confidant of another. Confusing? Relationships always are. Except may be the blood related ones.

Years back, we had very few baggages to carry. We were more free in speech and actions. The years have added many baggages and I doubt each of us are completely at ease as before. This happens over time. In some cases, sooner than later. College kids and recent passouts would scoff at this though perhaps. But as someone who has been there and done that, I can place a healthy wager on this.

To quote a wonderful movie, Ritu: Seasons change...Do we?

P.S: I completed one successful year in Bangalore! Yay for me! Cheers to my suffering roomies as well!