With little to no care,
You run about like a hare,
Scampering with an eternal fear,
Or is it because you want to beat the deer?

What will you do the day,
When it hits you are in a play.
Never looked out for the ones needed you
Sure that you will need them then too.

Losers you may feel now they are,
When you realize it may be too far,
Precious they were to you,
Respite they gave when you were blue.

Its sad how things veer on,
Now you don't feel alone,
The day will come when you reflect,
Hope time then makes you not deject.

A short piece of super duper poetry by yours smashing truly since he is feeling fairly masochistic and even more sadistic. This ones about people who give a damn about others and ignore the important things and people in their life. Knowingly or unknowingly. Now, that would include nearly the entire population! Those that are left out are either lying or vegetables.


Praveen said...

a poem from you after a longtime..
seems like u were trying to bare that grey side hidden underneath the surface of each one of us..

Unknown said...

@praveen: yes, yes. Kettitille? "Vedana thingum samhoohathil ninnu njan verode maanthi parichathaanu..." :-P

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