Three Men and a Boat

Last weekend was yet another house boat trip. We went to Ernakulam for our ex-roomies wedding and arranged a house boat in Alappuzha. This trip did not offer the kind of pleasure that the previous trips did. We ran late and were pretty tired almost all the time due to the constant travel. Also, the gang itself was not the cohesive unit one would desire. Still it offered a lot of insights into the head of ordinary, average guys.

A small excerpt (a bit exagerrated!) from a drunk conversation at the middle of the night. Docked boat. Not so well behaved mosquitos. Vennilla Chandankinnam in Punnamada kayal (seriously!). All names numbered to keep anonymity. G3 is exceptionally well mannered and nice boy though!;-)

Guy 1: I was really hoping to score a chick in this trip.

Guy 2: Hmmm.

Guy 3: Huh?

G1: I have no hopes on others. Only you two.

G2 and G3: (thinking) O rly?

G1: We should have called some one.

G3: Santhamma?

G1: 18 year old Santhamma...

G3: We would have probably ended up with a Santhamma having a younger daughter of 18 years!

G1: And probably give her twice the amount of money she asks for her, after we cry hearing her life story.

G2: Without doing anything!

G1: Yeah, totally!

G3: We are nice guys. Born, brought up and will die the same way.

G1: If we do anything out of ordinary, we will end up screwed for the rest of our lives!

*long silence*

G1: But we also have our fantasies. I am going to>>>>>>> (totally censored due to sheer violence!) G3, don't you have any such fantasies?

G3: I have a strong gut, but I don't think I will ever be a sadist in sex. It doesn't feel right! No hard feelings dude, you are never going to marry a girl I know!

G1: *chuckles*

G3: G2, do you have such fantasies?

G2: Aavo? *sinister smile*

G3: Perverts! Hmm...thinking about it, I would probably give hickies!


Praveen said...

o godd...ithu vare nannayilee:P

Arun said...

Ithu oru short film aakkamayirunnu

Unknown said...

@praveen: Nannavunath is relative my boy! :-P
@arun: Try that out after "Thiruvananthapuram"!

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