Rant Rockus Rant

Long and devious rant ahead.

Before further ado let me say that the title of this post has been shamelessly ripped from a cool movie Run Lola Run. Hmm...may be I will watch it tonight...expose Dinkan (my roomie) to yet another torturous past time of mine. I have already started the slow poison method by putting on some "acceptable" music at midnight (ala Rock On, Avial, Rabbi), which will gradually graduate to Metallica, Iron Maiden etc.

Another change I have induced in almost all my roomies is reading. One guy refused to change. So we kicked him out of the house. He decided to go one up on us and get married next week. Poor dude. (P.S: All the best!) The reading material ranges from "Men are mars, Women are from venus" to "The White Tiger" with "Alchemist" and "Colour of Magic" thrown in. (P.S:Note to self. Should read the three unread books. Its a matter of shame now!) Another important change is that a couple of them have changed to lavish spenders. Spending more money than ever on pubs, booze, cigarettes. I hope they got their salary today. Got mine as a pay-check. So it will take atleast a coupleof days to process. A weekend ahead and all I have in hand is 4 rupees. No kidding!

Got sick yesterday. Had to waste a precious leave. But, in the end it was well worth watching Laxman marauding the Aussies. Sublime. I swear I had several orgasmic moments watching him play a few impossible flicks.

I am still to come to terms with my work here. I guess it takes time to undo my love for TBMS and channel it to PowerCenter. Hmmm...the difference can be better illustrated by an example. Imagine marrying a girl in the old fashioned, arranged way. You see the girl, like her, fix up the dates. Get engaged. You spent a lot of time chatting away idly before marriage. You become accustomed before you actually marry. My experience with TBMS is somewhat like that. I had a good one and half months training, where I played around with the product with lots of sample scenarios thrown in before I started my actual work. PowerCenter is a whole lot different. Imagine marrying a girl in the old fashioned, arranged way (again!). This time, imagine you are working abroad and have only a fortnights leave. You come home. See a few girls. Fix the marriage with the one you like the best. Marry within a week. You have no idea about the girl. Now imagine that girl to be the most complicated species ever created by God. Women are complicated anyways, so multiply that by a big integer. My situation with PowerCenter is similar. It will take time. But I relish challenges. I am sure I'll tame the wild woman...err product!

Read several books since coming to Bangalore. I will write reviews of them in Reading Loud. Resmi, I haven't forgotten!(yet!) I will list the books to make myself look hip and cool.

1. Chronicles of Narnia (all six)
2. Heidi
3. 1984
4. Keep off the grass
5. Seven Ancient Wonders
6. Six Sacred Stones

Currently reading Fight Club which will be followed by White Tiger unless something else catches my fancy. I should stop here lest the coolness freeze me to death.

The major past time, apart from generally loafing around occassionally drunk (have you loafed around drunk? Its fun you know!), is playing cards. Don't know what the game is called in technical terms, but we call it "28". I was a roll with beginners luck in the start, but now things have settled down with only rare occurences of dumbness. Another past time is trying hard to catch glimpses of the ladies living opposite to our house. A ladies PG, 4 stories tall is opposite to our house. Lots of babes wandering around at night (with mobiles in ears). We switch of the lights and stare on wishing to see "something". Pathetic! But its fun and quite mandatory if you live in a house with 5 other hot-blooded males, who are needless to say single.

On some days dialogues go like this, similar to the scene between Mohanlal and Mukesh in the movie Vandanam, translated for the benefit of my countless non-mallu fans:

Guy1: {With a victorious smile in face} Aliya!!! (Dude!!!)
Guy2: {Excitedly} Para, para. Enthelum kanda? (Tell, tell! Did you see something?)
G1: {shy} Full naked! (English translation the same)
G2: {sarcastic tone} Ayya. Angane first day onnum full um kaanan pattoola. (O rly? You cannot see full naked on first day itself)

Yeah, yeah. Its the same dialogues from Vandanam. Now sue me!

So life goes on. I go to sleep, quite late at night, contemplating my existence, only to be interrupted by a roaring truck. Bloody Dinkan snoring. He snores like a breed made of T-Rex and a Tata lorry. So, I finally fall asleep around 2-3 in the morning after a heavy dosage of music streamed through my faithful mobile, only to wake up at 6 with a blare of cacaphony akin to a concert by donkeys. I rub my eyes only to see Nigel (another roomie, the one getting married) has switched on the TV. Our digital TV has a fucking, bloody problem. Everytime we switch it on, the starting channel defaults to Star Plus and the volume goes to the max! It can drive you crazy and in some instances suicidal! Imagine hearing the big bellow of baritone about saas, bahu, sanskriti shit at the highest volume possible at 6 in the morning? A "must" experience I say!

Since I wake up this early, I get to office at around 8:30 and life goes on a cycle all over again, interrupted by a flurry of emails throughout the day. Emails seem to rule my bloody life now.

P.S: I will be making an appearance in the STC India Conference at Pune this December. Is there anyone here who is going to make it? (If you have no idea what I am talking about, then you are qualified to be there!)


Praveen said...

hahaha...cool post..so much stuff covered.
ur idea of changing ur roomies is cool.I've tried it, with rock on, avial and motherjane...the day I played Metallica, death was attracting me like a magnet:P

that example was reallly hilarious..heheee:D

read 1984? i recommend animal farm too..awesome

vayinottam...NAANAMILLLE? ;)

STAR plus...SUCKS:p

Unknown said...

@praveen: I am planning to magnetise some death as well. :P
Read Animal Farm quite a while ago and theere naanamilla vaayinokkaan! :P

Ashwin Raju said...

Cool buddy.. taming power cneter aye!
the same task has been given to a couple of dumb freshers girls in my project to support the massive replication groups... they are screwed...

I think I'll be giving 1984 a read soon..
and best of luck with your vandanam continuation..

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