Rock On!! (Music Review)

This is something I have been putting off time and time again. A cardinal sin by a rock music fan who happens to be a blogger as well! Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy once again breaks new ground with some awesome music. Last Hindi album I loved wasTaare Zameen Par. They haven't failed th yet again! There is no doubt Farhan Akhtar is a brilliant Director. But he is playing an unfamiliar dual role of the lead singer and the lead actor. The man has got some guts. Does he have the meat to carry it? Lets see!

I have been listening to the music for quite sometime now. Decided to play it in its entirety to get a feel of reviewing it.

The album opens with an awesome guitar riff. Reminds a lot of the classic guitar solos ala Jimi Hendrix. You get the hints of a different, yet rocking album. Lyrics are very different from the run of the mill Bollywood fare. Lot of English words thrown in the mix. Little existential. Even when the song is about love, it feels different. More sincere. More real. Music and lyrics are a bit raw, which has been the biggest criticism from the main stream media. But, I think suits the movie, which is about a young rock band (I haven't seen the movie, will be seeing it this week for sure!).

Reviews have been mixed, from both rock "pundits" and bolly reviewers. I will put my head on the chopping block and say that they are full of shit! Rock music is about rocking, not about Metallica or some other sell out band. Rock music is not about aping the west, go listen to Avial or Motherjane if you will. Its about human spirit, raw emotions, and guitar!

Following are my take on each song:

Socha Hai: Perfect opening. Cool Guitar riffs. Peppy yet thoughtful lyrics. Farhan has sang very well.
Pichle Saat Dinon Mein: My second favourite song (I am listening to the favourite now and its a little tough typing!) from the album. Felt very personal. Lyrics are good. Realistic to be frank. A good romantic song. Farhan is good once again.
Rock On: Frankly speaking, this is a rather weak song in comparison with the others. The title track should have been little more "rocking". Still, this is a good song. Well worth your time.
Yeh Tumhari Meri Baatein: My favourite. Trance inducing, surreal vocals by Dominique Cerejo. Exceptional music and beautiful lyrics. I think this is the first time I am hearing her sing. I really wish sings more songs of these kind. I wish there were more girl fronted rock bands. Girls and rock music are simply mindblowing (no pun intended)!
Zehreelay: When I heard it the first time, my eyes nearly popped out. Heavy metal Hindi song which is not only bearable but fucking cool! To be frank I have heard very few Hindi rock/metal songs, still this I believe is a trailblazer. I have to say it sounds a lot like Pantera on steroids. The song resembles classic Pantera songs like Walk and Cowboys from Hell. Groovy guitar and harsh vocals, with a guitar solo in the middle. Makes sense, since nearly all local bands worship Pantera. The lyrics also made sense at multiple levels. Although it is a little offensive to snakes! "Sabko saamp dusthe hain!" Poor snakes! What did they do?
Tum Ho Toh: Rock ballad. Good one. Farhan has really strained a lot to sing this.
Sinbad The Sailor: Tale of Sinbad. Never get to gets hear these kind of tales told in a Hindi song. Excellent music. Fantastic guitar solo. Good use of the keyboard. I need to listen to this more often! The song merges into Tum Ho Toh at a faster pace towards the end, which is pretty cool!
Pichle Saat Dinon Mein (Live Version): To be honest, I haven't listened to this one much. Feels like a real concert song. Excellent jam of the original.
Phir Dekhiye: Another neglected song. Deserves more playtime. Good one with great vocals by Caralisa Monteiro(?).

Final Thoughts: I would give the album 4.5/5 in the normal course. Since, this one is a trailblazer I would give it a 5/5, for the risk and effort!

Wait for movie review later in the week!


Praveen said...

good review man...and a little more in depth than the quick review I did as soon as I brought the cd...
Just ask those bolly reviewers to go to hell. They just praise the copied remixed shit and trash truly original works like this. When will they grow up...faggots..

btw, movie is awesome...checkout my review soon:d

Unknown said...

@praveen: Thanks! Waiting to finally catch the movie and your review! :)

ajay said...

that was really nice review

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