Okay, first we shall go through what exactly is the blog title. It may not be visible to you. If its not thank the web standards for that. If it does and makes no sense to you, thank your below par English skills. /Mean Smug Asshole (MSA) look

Its an Interrobang. Check the link for more details. For you simpletons who cannot read more than a few sentences, it is an exclamation mark useful in places like 'What the fuck !?' /MSA look

Now, what does this obsolete English jargon has to do with me? I will be moving away from home pretty soon and was having a long idle chat with my mother. For her I am a near six foot toddler, who weighs around 200 pounds! So I shall not embarrass myself by providing the entire transcript. This stage of the talk involved around my journeys to (from) home.

She: I have heard that the air buses provide ample opportunities for boys and girls to do obscene things.

Me: Really??? Never seen that. Will travel only on buses from now on. Let me see if it happens to me! (Confession: Secretly wishing that. Bus journeys are so damn boring when its 18 hours long and the meatheads are hell bent on playing some idiotic Tamil movie!)

She: (Looking at me reproachfully.) I have seen that. While I went to Kasargod...

Me: Aha! Train! Its a train! So I will come by train!

She: (Looking at rather scornfully.) Yeah, yeah. Its a train. (Narrates the incident, which involved pretty indecent stuff to be done in a train. Shame on them!)

Me: Hmmm. (A little shaken.)

She: Its really tough to get a good wife these days. Who knows what girls are upto these days!

Me: Hmmm. (Slowly starts to get up. Knows which way discussions would go, which would end when I start yelling!)

She: I have an idea! You should start taking Thingalazcha Vratham (Monday Fasting)* from now on. Hopefully it would get you a good wife and make you have an exulting personality in front of ladies. /MSA look replaced by a Don't Want to Show My Face (DWSMF) look


(Seriously contemplating that now! Minor part being scared shit and major part being trying to control a rather reckless lifestyle. Convenient too. I never drink on Mondays! Who am I kidding? By the time I stop contemplating and start doing, my kids would be married!)

* The link says its done by women; but its also applicable, though rarely practised by men.


Resmi... said...

Enjoyed reading it!lol

Mothers are never different. All are the same kind always, though I haven't been advised for a Thinkalaazhcha vrutham yet. Has she finally agreed to leaving you. Initially I thought that the conversation would lead up to you being married before setting off from home. ;-)

Unknown said...

@resmi: She is pretty realistic about me leaving. So its not a problem. :) About your second statement, never gonna happen anytime soon! ;-)

Haris said...

is it hightime for a lady tusker Naruuu ? :P

Unknown said...

@haris: Its "high" time ;-) But the Lady tusker part not in sight!

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