Summer Days - III

Predictions of monsoon looming in. May 29th is what the wise men say. Lets see! In this post we will witness Rockus, the budding business man and entrepreneur.

Monopoly is a very popular game. If you haven't played it, well, words fail me. When I was around 6 or 7, I got a monopoly like game called "Business" on my birthday*. It was totally unlike your run of the mill monopoly. Squares upto 100, you had throw dice and reach 100. The twist was that you had money, and had squares where you gained or lost money. Never really read the rules anyway. I always played it the way I wanted to.

After a couple of years, the real clone of Monopoly surfaced. This was also called "Business". The game was entirely like Monopoly, except for the fact the names were all Indianised. Instead on Connecticut, you had Calcutta. Instead of Illinois, you had Indore. This one spread like a wildfire. We all got it, and we played it from dawn to dusk on several days. At that time, we had an unexpected death in the family and in that summer vacation, nearly all of us cousins were in the same house. Business was our main vocation during that period. May be it helped us kids to forego the tragic times.

Years later...

I go to the big bazaar just to roam around and buy something that catches my eye. What usually catches my eye are books, movies, and game cds**. But I make it a point to go to the kids toys section. There are so many board games. I wished I had several of those when I saw the ads on TV as a kid. We couldn't afford it then. I can afford to buy 3-4 of those every month without putting much strain on myself. But buying is one thing, playing is another. May be...may be the day when I have my own kids, I would be able to experience the joy. Nah...most probably they will say, "Go read a book old man!"

*Note to my dear friend to whom I said I don't recall getting birthday gifts, this was a birthday gift!

**None of them fucking CDs work! Just when I thought I would be an honest samaritan!

***This "star" stuff blatantly copied from Shrutz.


Resmi... said...

Jus got reminded of all those times wen we used to play Monopoly and end up fighting for losing or being cheated... ;-)

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