Status Updates

I hate updating status every now and then. Period. Now, I don't have to update my work status every 3 hour or every day like some unfortunate souls. I am supposed to sent a weekly report every week and update while doing some project.

The last time sent a weekly report update was...*drum rolls* last June! Even then, I sent a report which was pending for around 6 months. Hmmm...I have been working for say 20 months now...which would mean atleast 80 weeks. 80 weekly status reports due and I have sent around 3! Fucking unbelievable! Hope I won't get caught for this! :-D

Anyhoo, why do we need to update? After all, life is full of surprises! I want my lead to get his fair share of good and bad surprises. Good, when I actually do complete work on schedule and bad, when I don't! Bloody bureaucracy is hindering my strive for human touch in a corporate house!

P.S: This is applicable to me! Only me! People who report to me/will be reporting to me *must* update daily to prevent me from snooping on you publicly! (I will be snooping privately anyway, if you were wondering Sherlock!)