Financial Express

The end of another financial year. Bank balance is back to where it belongs, double digits! Its been a fast year for me. Cannot believe the fact that it was the last march 31st that my mother retired from service. Also, the fact that I have completed over 18 months on my job and could be called a senior!

Time passes us like an express train. Most probably not run by Indian Railways!

What is it we gain as time passes?

A bigger paunch (read beer belly!)?
A fatter paypacket (recession looming!)?
A thinner hairline (*heaves a sigh of relief*)?
A thicker beard? (*checks 20 day old beard with pride*)?
A nothing post (with brackets in every line!)?

Its that and a lot more. Life provides us with lessons everyday. Its up to us to identify the lessons. Sieve the out the consequential from the inconsequential. Learn from them. Apply the learning. In school we were taught that technology is the application of science. Without application, science is pretty much about some crazy men talking shit. In the same manner, lessons identified from life are shit unless its applied.

There concludes my end of the financial year bullshitting.

Oh yeah! As part of my learning, I have decided to start my own technology-business blog.
*trumpets blowing* The Scribe.
Read. Comment. Spread the word.
Just like കിടിലം ഫിറോസ്‌ tells on BIG FM every morning, കേള്‍ക്കു കേള്പ്പിക്കു ലൈഫ് കൊണ്ടാടു.

P.S: If you see strange symbols as my last words either you are not a malayali or your browser sucks. If you saw the beautiful malayalam words and didn't get what its all about, you need to come down to Trivandrum and tune into the FM stations.