Rockus is Backus

Been dazed and confused...
For so long, its not true...
Wanted a woman, never bargained for you...
Lots of people talking, Few of them know
Soul of a woman was created belowwwww

Ok Boys and Girls!
Contrary to popular belief, I'd like to specify three points:

1. I AM not dead!
2. I am NOT dead!
3. I am not DEAD!

Was dazed and confused the last month...Still am! Lots of stuff happening and time is flying!
I realised it was friday last friday as I was 'studying' a babe in the office. We have casual on fridays you see! And I was thinking, " Looked good yesterday too!"
Then I realised the 'yesterday' was actually the last friday!

Nose deep in work and strangely for a lazy guy, I am loving it! (My first technical cum style review is pending. So I may not say this again! Savour the moment people!)
Will be busy throughout the next week. DB exam is nearing (pray for me!) and after that I may take the certification of our product. Schedules will be tight for some time to come. Hope I can have a good christmas blast! (Hint to Pappu: Bring that damn vodka will ya!)

chow mein people till we meet again same time same blog (next month? :P)


Unknown said...

and, you're back!
and, a yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! again!!

was beginning to wonder, where you were gone :P

1. YOU ARE not dead!
2. You are NOT dead!
3. You are not DEAD!

naveen said...

Hehe....welcome back...And,Best of luk 4 DB........

Anonymous said...

You;re back, you're backm you're back...:D:D:D

Anonymous said...

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