Wanted to post something today...Just can't bring my ideas together...thought about posting a lot...but just can't...
May be basking in the laziness of completing my graduation! (can't say I am a graduate yet...results are an issue...a big issue)
May be its something more sinister :P

Life moves on like a train
Through the dust and the rain
Path gleams as the wet rail
Slippery and decept is this jail...

Imprisoned by my own thoughts
Actions are nay and dots
Will I ever find in my life
Solace and peace instead of strife?

Gone those days of rush
Thought I'd be happy that I'd blush
But all I feel is an emptyness
Staring at an ocean of immense vastness...


CyberMenace said...

Just as the tides rise and fall
Life beckons with its ceaseless call
Rest a while when you feel you'll fall
Then get up and go ahead walking tall..

Man, what a shoddy poet I am !

Unknown said...

@cybermenace: U shoddy??? Then what am I? :P

another illusion said...

keep urself busy and inspired....emptiness will disappear..

Unknown said...

@illusion: inspiration is hard to find when you are being cynical...

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